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Don't know when it happened but guess what got deleted again!?

So people constantly ask me and other Bloom haters 'why do tu hate Bloom so much?' o 'why is Bloom your least favorito! character?' So I am typing this article... Again...to answer that pregunta and hopefully clarify and help others understand why I and many other Bloom haters don't like Bloom. If tu Bloom fans read this and get offended that's not my fault as I've warned you.

First off I'll start with the obvious one; She's a Mary sue. Everyone falls at her feet and worships her, be it het friends, other students attending Alfea,...
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Autumn woke up in some kind of room, she looked around and waited for her eyes to adjust. She found she was chained to a wall, and she had something tied around her mouth. This reminded her too much of what happened last year, with Dean. Once her eyes adjusted, she made out five figures.

"Ahh, you're awake." A voice spoke.

"Mmmmeeerrrrrrrr" Autumn attempted to say

"I have my reasons. Now, I never learned your name. Answer me this time o your little friends will get it." He growled, ripping the cloth off of her mouth. She took a deep breath and answered.

"Don't hurt my friends!" Autumn dicho loudly....
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So I couldn't come up with any good ideas for other stories, so just decided to continue with The New Girl. I hope tu like it!!!

The Winx and Autumn were in their dorm. They were bored, and couldn't figure out what to do. Even Stella had finished her homework. They were waiting until the boys got out of class to go to Magix with them.

"Hey, maybe we should leave now, I mean they get off in like five minutes." Flora suggested.


At Red Fountain, the girls texted the boys to get ready and meet them outside. While they were waiting, the awkwardly stood outside, trying to ignore all of the other...
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Autumn ran through the forest, tears streaming down her face. 'How Could he say that?' She thought. 'I thought our relationship was better than this!' Once she found a clearing, she sat down por a lake and let her tears and sobs go. She eventually cried herself to sleep, not realizing that the others were looking everywhere for her.


"Autumn? AUTUMN?!?" Riven called. The others did the same.

"Riven, would tu shut up? I found her, she's sleeping." Helia hissed.

Helia slowly and carefully picked her up and brought her back to the others. They decided...
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--At the same time the Trix versus Musa, Stella & Bloom
Icy: Well isn’t three of the six of our least favorito! people in the entire magical dimension.
Stella: tu aren’t so high on our lista either
Darcy: We at least we are all on the same page (said with an extreme sarcastic tone)
Musa: I hope tu three are ready to go down.
Stormy: No we won’t (eyes go wide as huge sphere of magic comes hurdling their way)
Bloom, Stella, and Musa: Harmonix Convergence
----The Trix are sent back a distance
Stella: DOUBLE ECLIPSE (the spells are gonna be from all across the border, not just limited to the transformation they are in)
They continuing fighting , everyone fights at the same time but no one will stop
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