el diario de los vampiros Saddest moment on 3X22!!

Pick one:
Damon and Elena:"It is always gonna be Stefan"
Elena saying i amor tu to he father while he is dying
Alaric killing niklaus, Rebekah crying
Rebekah and Elijah Crying over Klaus&# 34; He is...
Rebekah and Elijah Crying over Klaus"He is gone..;"
Alaric dying
Alaric dying
Tyler&# 34; dying&# 34;
Elena and Matt Accident
Elena and Matt Accident
Damon reaction to Alaric's death... realising Elena is dead... "You are not dead
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Damon&# 39; s reaction to Alaric & amp; Elena&# 39; s deaths and...
Damon's reaction to Alaric & Elena's deaths and Rebekah's screams when Klaus is s
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