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The doctor came outside and Stefan and Bonnie got up. “How is she?” Stefan asked afraid. The doctor bowed his head. “I’m truly sorry” he said. “We did everything we could, but we couldn’t save her”
Stefan lost his balance and Bonnie helped him sit down.
“Can we see her?” Bonnie asked. The doctor nodded. “Do tu think you’re able to see her right now?” she asked Stefan. Stefan nodded. “Yeah, I have to” he dicho and he got up. They walked into the room and shut the door. The nurse was still in there, cleaning up. Stefan walked to the cama and held Katherine’s hand. He cried.
“That’s not Elena” Bonnie dicho anxious.
“What are tu talking about? Of course it’s Elena!” Stefan dicho angry, without looking up.
“No, this is Katherine!” Bonnie dicho pissed. “First of all,” she walked to the cama and grabbed Katherine’s arm. “she’s cold”
“Well, yeah, she, Elena, just died. You’re supposed to be cold when you’re dead” Stefan snapped.
The nurse turned around, annoyed. “Can tu please keep it down? This is a hospital”
“Sorry” Stefan said. Bonnie leaned towards him. “You’re not supposed to be cold right after tu die. When tu died in 1864 did your brain die with you?” she hissed. She stopped to catch a breath. “Second of all,” she stuck her hand in Katherine’s décolleté and conjured the necklace. “This is not Elena’s necklace. This is the collar I put an anti-sun incantation on, because Elena asked me to”
“And third of all…”
Stefan and Bonnie looked up and saw Katherine sitting up.
“…I’m hungry” she dicho and she grabbed the nurse, biting her neck.
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1. tu insist on watching everything he's been in.
2. tu make an entire notebook dedicated to him.
3. tu go on google 2 o three times a día in hopes of finding shirtless pictures of him.
4. tu have to watch Ian's sex scene in Tell Me tu amor Me.
5. más than once.
6. tu become speechless when he dances in his underwear during The Rules of Attraction.
7. tu actually know the scene I'm talking about.
8. tu put Faith por George Michael on your ipod.
9. tu always push rewind during the Damon/Vicki dance scene.
10. You're still holding a grudge against lost for killing Boone.
11. tu made it to the...
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So I got inspired por my friend to make this. This is meant to be funny and not intended to bash anyone. So if tu have no sense of humor please leave this page now and go get some :D Thank you;)

First most stupidest thing I’ve ever heard from a SE’er: “Delena will never happen.”

Oh that’s great. Why don’t they just name the mostrar the Stelena Diaries then? gets a megaphone and yells into it DE’ers!! DE WILL NEVER HAPPEN SO STOP WATCHING VD AKA THE STELENA DIARIES AND LETS SEE HOW LONG THE mostrar WILL LAST WITHOUT OUR SUPPORT.

1: Ian is evil. He’s getting on the way of Nina and Paul’s...
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