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Ok, so I don't want to offend any Bonnie fans o anything. Just know that is not my intention, and I'm just saying what I feel...

So when Bonnie arrives back in town in "Miss Mystic Falls" she tells Elena to leave her alone because she blames Stefan and Damon for her grandmother's death. I get it, she's in a very sensitive place and is very upset, but Elena understands and is there for her, despite Bonnie pushing her away. But its not right to blame the Salvatore brothers. Who was it that almost blackmailed Grams into doing the spell that took too much out of her in the end? Stefan and Damon...
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She gracefully placed her warm, loving hands on his neck.

“It will be ok,” Elena spoke softly as she looked into Damon’s gorgeous blue eyes.

“We lost Stefan, Elena, it will never be ok,” He dicho with anger and guilt in his throat.

“I know,” Elena was sad, but held it back because she knew that now that Stefan was gone she needed to be strong for both her and Damon, “But tu can’t blame yourself, Damon, this kind of stuff happens, it happens all the time, and lets face it, it’s bound to happen again.”

“But it was all my fault, I’m the reason my brothers dead,” Damon felt...
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