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Damon and Elena were driving into the night.
“Where we going?” Elena asked curious. His eyes kept on the road Damon replied: “Remember when I took tu to Georgia?”
Elena gasped. “We’re going to Bree’s Bar?” she asked excited.
“No” Damon said. “Bree’s Bar is gone. But there’s another place I’d like to take you”
He drove further for another twenty minutes. Then he parked the car on a parking lot of a restaurant. A very closed restaurant.
“Damon, what are we doing here?” Elena asked confused.
“Are tu hungry?” Damon asked with a smirk.
“Yes” Elena said....
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7.40 pm
Katherine watched Elena jumping into Damon’s car and Damon driving away. She knew now was her turn and an evil grin appeared on her face. She stuck her hand in her pocket and conjured a box named Sonata, which she had swiped from Jeremy.
“Elena got what?”
Stefan and Katherine turned around. Jeremy was standing in the doorway of the kitchen.
“Jeremy, please let me explain. But not here. Let’s go to the cocina where we can talk in private” Stefan dicho and he went into the kitchen, Jeremy following him. Katherine, however, stayed behind. While Stefan filled Jeremy in on what...
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Elena and Bonnie were sitting outside the Grill, both having a lemonade, when both their phones rang.
“Bonnie” Bonnie said.
“Hello, Elena speaking” Elena said, trying not to give away anything and hoping Bonnie would be too caught up in her own conversation.
“It’s time” Damon said. “Meet me at the Boarding House. I’ll be in the car” He ended the conversation.
And so did Bonnie. “Elena, I’m so sorry, but I have to go” she apologized.
“Oh?” Elena dicho sheepish.
“Yeah, I’m having a fecha tonight” Bonnie blushed.
“Really? That’s great! Who’s the lucky one?” Elena fired her curiosity.
“Ehm, I rather not say. At least not until it’s official” Bonnie said.
“Of course, I get it” Elena said. Bonnie put some money on the table. “See tu tomorrow?”
“Yeah, tell me all that happened” Elena waved as Bonnie walked away. The moment she was gone Elena jumped up and ran away as if she was being chased.
Damon’s phone rang, while Katherine was standing siguiente to him, her hair straight. Bonnie had called Elena to go to The Grill to ‘have a drink’.
“Yes?” Damon dicho smooth.
“Damon?” Caroline asked.
“No, the pope” Damon sarcastically replied. Caroline sighed. “You’re sooo funny! Anyways, are tu busy now?”
“Ehm, depends, why?” Damon asked.
“I might have a little something in store for you” Caroline dicho mischievous.
“Oh oh, should I worry?” Damon asked. Caroline laughed. “No, not at all” she reassured him. “It involves my house, dinner, you, Elena…You get...
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“Can tu repeat…basically everything tu just said?”
Katherine told Damon what she heard in Caroline’s room.
“You spied on my friends. That’s rude” Elena dicho shocked.
“That’s not the point, Elena” Damon said, raising his hand to silence her. “Are they really going to try to set me up with that piece of nothing?”
“Hey, those are my best friends you’re talking about” Elena dicho upset.
“Elena, shush” Katherine dicho as if she was talking to a dog. She looked back at Damon. “Caroline will call tu at 7pm and she will tell tu that Elena wants to meet tu at her...
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“I tried, Bonnie, but like I dicho it didn’t work”
Caroline and Bonnie were sitting on Caroline’s bed, a large bag of dulces between them. “Well, then tu didn’t try hard enough” Bonnie snapped. “Why did tu have to bring Elena with tu anyway?”
“I’m sorry?” Caroline said, getting up from the bed. “I wouldn’t have been there if not for Elena. She’s the one that dragged me to Ric’s loft in the first place. You’re the one that butted in without an invitation”
Bonnies face changed from angry to upset. “I’m sorry, Caroline” she dicho soft. She bowed her head...
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“Open the door now, Stefan! I need to talk to my sister!”
Stefan opened the door after Jeremy had banged it about twelve times.
“Alright, alright, don’t get all up tied” Stefan dicho as he opened the door, a blood bag in his hand. “Now, what brings tu here? Something about Elena, I assume?”
“I need to talk to her” Jeremy repeated. “And tu know why”
Stefan shrugged. “Why didn’t tu come here last night?”
“Because I knew Elena wasn’t here. I knew she was with Alaric and her friends, I didn’t want to make a scene” Jeremy explained.
“And tu were also chicken that...
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Tyler logged in to read his email. He frowned when he saw the 65 unread messages. He clicked on the first one. “I know what tu are”
He clicked on the segundo one. “I know what tu are”
He clicked on the third one. “I know what your are’
All 65 mails held the same message. I know what tu are. Tyler clicked on the reply button. “Hey, dude, don’t tu have anything better to do in your spare time? Don’t tu have a girlfriend o boyfriend to annoy? Get a fucking life, already”
He pressed send. It seemed like only a segundo had passed when he already received an answer.
“I know what tu are and I’m going to tell everybody”
“Suit yourself, moron” Tyler send and he shut the computer down.
The siguiente morning
Caroline arrived in the kitchen, where the breakfast mesa, tabla was set. Liz was making some coffee and it seemed as if she tried to avoid looking at her daughter.
“Mom?” Caroline said, sensing something was wrong. Liz didn’t react, but pretended to be busy. “Mom, what’s going on?”
“You want some coffee?” Liz asked, avoiding the question. Caroline got up and walked towards her mother. “Mom, what’s wrong? Why are tu actuación like this?”
Liz turned around and leaned against the sink. “I’ve been having flashes”
“Flashes of what?” Caroline asked.
“Of things...
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Kelsey’s body dropped on the floor and Damon appeared with her corazón in his hand.
“You killed her” Stefan said.
“You’re welcome” Damon said.
“You shouldn’t have done that” Stefan said. “I deserved to die”
“You’re welcome” Damon repeated now pissed. Stefan’s ingratitude annoyed him immense. His ripper mood didn’t appeal to Damon, not anymore. But neither did he have to go back to his holier than the pope days.
“You always do this. tu face a problem tu can’t handle and so tu eliminate the problem” Stefan said.
Damon lifted up the body and threw it over his...
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Katherine quickly put on her clothes as Damon carried Elena upstairs. “You can lay her down on my bed, I’ll sleep on the couch” Stefan said. Damon held his steps, but didn’t turn around. Then he walked further to Stefan’s room where he lay Elena down on Stefan’s bed. He took off her shoes and left. He went to Elena’s room-yes, she had her own room in the house-and collected the dirty sheets, which had been lying there since morning.
Downstairs Stefan was furious at Katherine.
“See what you’ve done? Now Elena will think I cheated on her and I didn’t do anything!” he raged....
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The Salvatore Boarding House
Stefan and Katherine were back home. Stefan had told Jeremy everything that had happened on Elena’s birthday and only after making sure Jeremy wouldn’t do anything stupid he had left.
“You must be hungry” Katherine dicho and before Stefan could comentario she went off to the basement. She came back with two bags of blood and walked to the cupboard, where she pulled out two wine-glasses. She poured the blood in the glasses as if it were wine. She gave one to Stefan and lifted hers to toast. “Cheers” she dicho and she hooked her arm in Stefan’s. She pulled...
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Evening fell and the gang at Alaric’s loft had moved inside. Damon had dado in to Elena’s cerveza request and she was now halfway her second. Status Quo was playing and Caroline made her way to Damon. She took his hand and pulled him with her. Bonnie took his place. “Hey, Elena” she dicho soft.
“Hiii” Elena smiled and she threw her arms around her friend and squeezed her. “How tu doing?”
“Fine” Bonnie said. “You?”
“Very good” Elena answered. She looked up and gasped. “Looook, I can see the stars”
“It’s seven, it’s not even dark yet” Bonnie said. “And we’re...
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[Boarding House]

Katherine: tu almost had me killed today.(Damon)
Damon: Common Revenge.
Katherine:Common Revenge?
Damon nodds his head.
Katherine: What's the point of me being here if tu don't trust me?
Damon: tu had my dado trust but of course, I was wrong.
Katherine: I did what I had to do. If you,Stefan and,Elena Wasn't willing enough to trust me and stop treating me like a threat-
Damon: Because tu are one.(Walks over and pours a glass of whine up)
Katherine gives Damon a cold stare; Damon smiles at Katherine.
Katherine: Fine.(Starts to leave)
Damon: Leaving Again. This time you'll have to save yourself.
Katherine: Yes Damon I'm leaving. tu wanna know why?
Damon: Do I care?
Katherine: Everything's such a big fuss between us When I'm hiding Secrets, yet I'm not suppose to be upset when tu keep important "Secrets" like a Vampire,Werewolf and a witch has to be re-sacrificed in order to edificación, aumento en el nivel the spell from the Dagger.
The Gilbert House
Stefan kicked the door open and walked in.
“You can’t do this” Katherine dicho behind him.
“Since when do tu have a conscious?” Stefan scoffed. “Look, I’m just going to grab Elena and then I’m out”
“Why? Why can’t tu let her be for a second?” Katherine dicho frustrated.
“Because she needs me now” Stefan said. “She’s going through an emotional time right now”
“She’s PMS’d” Katherine disdained. “She needs a pillow, a pot of ice cream and a good chick flick”
Stefan turned around. “I can’t lose her, Katherine” he dicho with a sad face....
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Caroline had convinced Elena to leave the house to enjoy the summer weather. “Just because that perra is visiting tu doesn’t mean tu should stay inside” And so they walked around the streets. misceláneo streets. It was a total coincidence they ended up at Alaric’s loft, seeing Alaric and Damon working, shirtless, it was hot. The weather. Elena crossed the street, while Caroline walked further.
“Hey, Caroline!”
Caroline looked around when she saw Alaric waving. She flashed to them. “You couldn’t tell me?“ she asked Elena. Elena pulled her shoulders. “Sorry” “Mind if I get...
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Alaric and Damon were standing in Alaric’s garage. “You call that not wrecked?” Damon said, looking at the car.
“It’s not that bad” Alaric said, not very convincing. “We can still fix it”
“Alright then” Damon gave in and he rolled up his sleeves. He walked at the front side of the car and gave a look at it. While he did some things Alaric came standing siguiente to him. He leaned against the car. “You’ve been hanging out with Elena quite a lot lately” he started. Damon avoided Alaric’s look and pretended to concentrate on fixing the car. “Not that I mind” Alaric continued....
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Elena was too ashamed to leave her room and she didn’t open when someone knocked. And thus Caroline invited herself in. She found her best friend sitting in a corner, her arms thrown around her knees.
“Ah, poor thing” Caroline sighed compassionate as she walked to Elena, a box in her arms. “Damon told me what happened. tu okay?”
Elena shrugged and wiped her tears. “He’s says this is normal. How would he know? He’s a dude, isn’t he?”
“But he’s right” Caroline dicho and she sank down siguiente to her.
“My stomach hurts” Elena sobbed. Caroline searched through her box and...
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After Damon had made that awkward phone call, he was the one being called. “Miss me already?” he said, thinking it was Caroline.
“Are tu okay?” Alaric asked. Without awaiting an answer he continued. “How good are tu with cars?”
“I can drive them quite well” Damon bragged.
“Yeah, I know, but not’s not what I meant” Ric said. “Remember I spent the night in prison?”
“Well, since I’m planning on telling the siguiente generation of Saltzmans I couldn’t possibly forget” Damon smirked.
“I had to leave my car there, on the street” Alaric said. “And a tow truck brought...
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Cramps in her stomach and something wet and sticky on the sheets made Elena wake up groaning. She got out of bed, her hands on her stomach. She turned around and screamed. Both of the Salvatore brothers came rushing to her room, but as soon as they saw the blood, Damon pushed Stefan aside and locked himself in, the moment Stefan’s face turned. “Oh, come on, dick!” Stefan ciclomotor as his face changed back.
Damon walked to Elena. “Are tu alright?” he asked feeling awkward. Elena heavily shook her head. “No, I’m sick. My stomach hurts and I’m bleeding” she looked up. “I’m dying,...
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