The misceláneo Role Playing Club The transformers RP Session Part 1

boltthesuperdog posted on Dec 07, 2010 at 04:01AM
Jazz: Hello??

Gears: I'm Here

Jazz: Earth has been taken over by thr decepitcons.

Gears: Well, what should we do about it then??

Jazz: Well, Optimus has been captured by Megatron and the new Decepticon "Requiem" AND HE'S HUGE

Gears: O_O HOW??

Jazz: He towers over all of us.

Gears: How can he, I bet I can't get taller than him

Jazz: I don't think so, He's pretty strong.

Gears: Well, I'm more stronger than any Decepticn ever

Jazz: Well, If you can take him down so be it

Gears: I Will


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