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IndianKelly posted on Jan 27, 2008 at 07:11PM
Post your Office theories regarding unsolved mysteries. Please use tidbits from the episodes to support your theory (sounds like English class, doesn't it?)

Mine: Phyllis's One Night Stand

One night Phyllis and Dwight are both working late on their expense reports. One thing leads to another and they end up on the couch next to reception. The next morning, Dwight awakes, alone, in a fuzzy haze and attributes his behavior to the colors Phyllis was wearing.

When Angela and Dwight are at the beginning of their relationship, Dwight feels the need to disclose all of his past conquests (there was only one). He uses the color-intoxication defense, stating that Phyllis was wearing green and so much of it that he was hypnotized. Angela agrees that it's the only explanation for why he would engage in any type of activity with Phyllis.

Henceforth, Angela constantly attacks Phyllis, calling her color choices "whorish" ("Christmas Party", "Benihana Christmas" and "Phyllis's Wedding")

2) On "The Job" deleted scenes, when Dwight talks about getting rid of staff, he looks at Phyllis and says "some colors are too loud". (He's always afraid of succumbing to thi

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hace más de un año 28spike28 said…
what that kinda makes sense.

how bout toby goes skitzo and holds the office hostage and micheal tries to be a hero and orders no one to call the cops, but when he gets the gun away from toby a swat team busts in and takes out toby and micheal with a tazer. turns out toby called them before this started. toby is fired. and micheal feels bad for calling him names. micheal and toby's hatred is over. except for the small thing about getting micheal tazered. he doenst forgive toby for that.

in the midst of toby going crazy he confesses his love for pam, and starts walkin towards her jim pops up and he goes not so fast lover boy, you never signed the contract(starts crying) you never signed it, you never signed, (shouting) you never signed. micheal than starts to be a hero at this point seeing toby at a weak point.
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
Wow, 28spike28, you have succeeded in confusing me. How is that a theory?

IndianKelly, WOW! I've never thought of that. It's so smart though!!
hace más de un año 28spike28 said…
well shandiii its my theory on how toby will react more to jim and pam's dating and we can see the micheal and toby story hit a cross roads to find friendship, but still it gets messed up.
hace más de un año smoore23 said…
haha, spike, that sounds like a soap opera! lol!
hace más de un año 28spike28 said…
i could see it happening. its the office, you never expected them to kidnap a pizza boy, or to see andy float away, or well you never know whats gonna happen on the office.
hace más de un año IndianKelly said…
OK. Here's another:

On "The Dundies", Pam kisses Jim. Then later when Jim is telling the camera it was a great year for the Dundies, Pam has an anticipatory look on her face as Jim calls off the highlights of the evening.

I believe that she was expecting him to mention the kiss. I think this theory is supported, when they are outside and she asks, "Can I ask you a question?", then remembers the cameras are watching, and quickly changes to "I just wanted to say, 'Thanks'".
hace más de un año Shandiii said…
Sorry 28spike28, I didn't mean any offense. :)

IndianKelly, another good one! I've always wondered what she wanted to ask him that night.
hace más de un año Coolwater said…
HEY! IndianKelly! I know that this post is 3 and a half years old, but I read it first a few months ago. At first, I thought your theory about Phyllis and Dwight was far-fetched. But I have been rewatching the series, and I have come to agree with you. There is actually quite a bit of evidence out there that phylliss has had an affair with somone. Additionally, Dwight makes MUCH more comments about Phyllis than any other character, and those two hardly have any interactions. I can only give one specific example, and it is not very good, seeing as I have not been recording them until now. Season 6, Episode 25, about 7 minutes 20 seconds in. Michael elludes to how Phyllis had an affair.

P.S. I know I don't know how to spell phyllis' name.