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zachanderson810 posted on Aug 05, 2018 at 05:23AM
Hey guys,
So there is all kinds of news regarding a new series of the office coming to NBC later this year or next. My idea is of a plot that I think would bring the cast back together beautifully and make opportunities for the show to progress.

My idea is that some incident happens,(a health issue to a former coworker, a fire at the Scranton branch, etc.) Something that would be big enough to.make all of the old employees drop everything and move back to Scranton. This big issue could then be resolved over a span of a few episodes. I feel like this would make the reunion less forced and would allow for the show to make more episodes that we can all love.


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hace más de un año zachanderson810 said…
If you like my idea and have any way to release this idea to the writers or to the public it would be much appreciated