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 Hello Jack!
Hello Jack!
Hello everyone, I know that this board is surprisingly empty. So here is my review from my childhood, yes! The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The Story-Line

Unlike most stories that we encounter today, I was really surprise that the story is family-friendly for a halloween movie.
The intro was unusual as it is actually one my favourites, as it features doors with many famous celebridades in the US. Which I would to celebrate if I'm on a holiday there! So great job, Tim Burton.

The Characters

All of the characters, especially Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero the Dog. Jack was an interesting character and I'm glad that he redeems himself in the end. He and Sally had great chemistry together!

The Songs

I know that the songs are basically connected to halloween that I just could not get it out of my head! I'll definitely watch this movie this month.

This is Halloween!

Another short review and enjoy lectura it!
 The Poster for this wonderful movie!
The Poster for this wonderful movie!