la sirenita Do any of tu wish that TLM was done in live action?

LisaForde posted on Jul 09, 2010 at 01:56PM

Well now you do have it as British Director Jon Wright is to direct a live action version of the classic tale about a mermaid who gives up her life on love after falling for a sailor.

When I saw this on teletext last night I was like WHAT A LIVE ACTION VERSION OF THE LITTLE MERMAID?? Oh boy………

The cast is not mentioned yet but here is my ideal cast for the movie.

Ariel: Amy Adams because she is so sweet and very cheerful when she played Giselle in Enchanted. Part of me thought that she would be brilliant as Ariel or Reese Witherspoon.

Prince Eric: Either Patrick Dempsey cause he reminded me of Eric in TLM,dunno why but he has the same features as him or Robert Patterson(just came into my head).

Grimsby: Patrick Stewart cause he looks a bit like him in a way LOL.

Vanessa: Idina Menzel cause she could play Ursula’s disguise as she was like her in Enchanted as Nancy Tremaine.

Ursula: Ah Susan Sarandon cause she was brilliant in Enchanted.

Sebastian: Some unknown like that guy from Blood Diamond dunno the name I think its Dimonu something.

Flounder: Dunno maybe Haley Joel Osment or some unknown.

King Triton: Ah lets see how about Ralph Fiennes LOL.

If you want you can add some of your dream cast too for the live action version of The Little Mermaid. Please,please,please let it be good.

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hace más de un año SarahCorine said…
Cool idea, but it would probably be very hard to make a live action. I mean the hardest part would be filming under water and being able to understand what Ariel is saying.
hace más de un año Masked020 said…
@SarahCorine They don't have to film underwater if its too difficult. They can have the actress float on wires in front of a green screen and have her act with a fan on her, simulating hair movement in the water.