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 The Lion King (video game)
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lion king
video game
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Rafiki:Ahadi! What are tu a nickumpoop! tu lost TakA and Mufasa! Are tu serious! Ahadi:Yeah and if tu don't help me we'll both be in big trouble with Ura!!! *With Mufasa and Taka* Taka:*Hanging of the limb of a cliff* Mufasa help me! The stampede is getting closer! Mufasa:Taka! *Grabs his paw* Taka:Please don't let go! Mufasa:I won't hang on!!! Sarabi:Mufasa!!! Look! The stampede is very close! Pull Taka up!!! Mufasa:I'm trying!!! Zazu:*Flying by* Mufasa! Taka! I must tell Ahadi!!! *Flys away* *With Ahadi* Ahadi:Their what! I have to save Taka!!! *Runs toward where Mufasa and Taka are*...
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scar vs mufasa fight
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The Lion Guard
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the lion guard
sneak peek
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City7 gives tu a behind the scenes look at what it takes to produce the highest grossing broadway mostrar in history.
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behind the scenes
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Hey, fellow pridelander..today i'm posting my first ever articulo after joining fanpop for almost 3 year.
well, to be honest i'm más like a reader than a writer so please don't be rude if there's something wrong o tu don't like...Constructive Criticism appreciate.

Lion kinG

Disclaimer : *proudly* Lion King are mind *disney cleared their throat* ...okay not mind

shall we start ?

Endless Night

"Psst, hola ?, Nala !" 'ugh, what did he want this time ?' thought Nala while opening one of her eyes to look at the golden cub who disturbing her sleep. "come on, get up! I wanna mostrar tu something."...
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