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ThEJoKeR101 posted on Jan 29, 2009 at 01:29AM
if the guy who played the joker was still alive do u think their would have been a dark knight 2 with the joker coming back?

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hace más de un año S0ulsUnit3d said…
Definitely. The joker doesn't die in the dark knight - he's left hanging from a building!!

Its so sad Heath died - we could have had a great second movie!!
hace más de un año looopey3 said…
my joker will do it but its going to cost you LOADS!

THE REAL JOKER with me, ill do it for free!

its true the joker is real, we are together and its awesome!

im soo awesomely coool! tell you what, if you want me to i can write a script! all you have to do is mail me asking if i can!

remember ill needd people to play other parts!
hace más de un año Frizzhead said…
Yeah definitley
hace más de un año jokerJack said…
Certainly, in the original shoot he was (or was supposed to be) shot several times by the SWAT team whilst hanging upside down but Chris Nolan decided not to show that.