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posted by QUEST25
I'm not some big newspaper o anything i'm just a girl that like lectura so don't get to expectant o me just yet. I amor The Hunger Games trilogy, I've read The Hunger Games 3 times, Catching fuego 2 times, and The Mockingjay 2 times. I know that doesnt seem like much but it is. Everytime i read these libros i get attached to the characters again and again. I know this might sound a little weird but i amor going through their(Peeta and Katniss) story. I amor feeling their pain and living their painful life. It's one of my favorito! places to run away to. I'm not a lovey dovey type but the romance...
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Eleven's Twelve

Deep in the trees, in the midst of their Games,
We stood together: a pact, a team, friends.
Your presence revived me, weakened my pains,
Brought back who I was outside of their lens.

Yet now I lay with you, knowing you’re gone
Watching your innocence fade from your eyes.
As a parting wish, I whisper a song,
A hymn that follows your soul as it dies.

Your eyes flicker shut, your breath is now gone,
Yet your soul echoes throughout the vast wood,
Filling these desolate trees with a song;
And through my tears I stand where tu once stood,

Holding a young girl whom I barely knew,
Eleven’s tribute, forever my Rue.
So here's a book reportar I wrote for my English class this año -- while reading, please keep in mind that my teacher hasn't read any of the libros so I had to explain the plot shortly... Even if it kinda overran from short to, well, long. Ish.

Mocking, Always Mocking
Book reportar on Mockingjay por Suzanne Collins

If we burn, tu burn with us.
Katniss Everdeen's final battle has begun.

That's all you'll find out, if tu decide to check the back cover of Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay. The thing is, prospective readers won't need to know más – this is, in fact, the perfect amount of information. Mockingjay...
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The producers of "THE HUNGER GAMES" movie franchise decided to follow the examples of the "HARRY POTTER" and "TWILIGHT" franchises and divide its adaptation of the last novel in Suzanne Collins' literary series into two movies. The first of these two films is the reciente "THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY - PART I".

Based upon the first half of Collins' 2010 novel, "THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY - PART I" picks up a few days o so after the end of the segundo film, "THE HUNGER GAMES - CATCHING FIRE". After being rescued por her mentor Haymitch Abernathy...
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posted by Nuttypeanut
This is just a joke. Don't take it seriously! I amor HG and (most) of these characters! Oh and there might be spoilers, so be careful if tu haven't read up till Mockingjay!

President Snow- Making young children kill each other is totally fine.

Peeta- Don't tell the girl that tu amor about your feelings for her, until tu have to kill her.

Mrs. Everdeen- It's fine to blank out on your kids and leave them to fend for themselves. Who cares if your husband died? Just don't take care of your kids and it will be okay.

Gale- Creating a bomb that kills your best friend's little sister is perfectly fine, as long as tu get your way (which involves killing the entire country)

Katniss- It's okay to break the laws and sell squirrels to the baker whose son tu have to kill, and whose wife vistas tu as trash.

Cinna- It's totally okay to set your clients on fire, then make them hold hands and pretend to be in amor before they have to kill each other.
1.) Book: The prep team is Venia, Flavius, and Octavia.
Movie: The prep team isn't named.

2.) Book: Madge gives Katniss the Mockingjay pin.
Movie: There is no Madge, and Prim gives it to Katniss.

3.) Book: During training, Peeta and Katniss are the only ones wearing the same thing.
Movie: All tributes are wearing the same outfit.

4.) Book: In the tribute parade, it is Cinna's idea for Katniss and Peeta to hold hands.
Movie: It is Peeta's idea to hold hands.

5.) Book: Katniss's visitors after the reaping are Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, Mr. Mellark, Madge, and Gale.
Movie: Her only visitors are Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, and Gale.

6.) Book: Katniss remembers a past encounter with the Avox girl.
Movie: The Avox girl is present, but there is no backstory.

There are lots more; see if tu can find them!
posted by AnnaDaDuck
1. Birthday month:

January: I danced with
February: I baked a cake for:
March: I killed
April: I started a rebellion with
May: I escaped from my district with
June: I hunted with
July: I mined coal with
August: I punched ____ in the face
September: I traveled to the Capitol with
October: I was killed by
November: I kissed
December: I drank with

2. Birthday date:

1. Peeta
2. Cinna
3. Beetee
4. Octavia
5. Katniss
6. President Snow
7. Wiress
8. Seneca Crane
9. Cashmere
10. Primrose
11. Finnick
12. Annie
13. Katniss' mother
14. Gale
15. Haymitch
16. Glimmer
17. Cato
18. Marvel
19. Clove
20. Rue
21. Johanna
22. Thresh
23. Effie
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posted by SBKITT1
this is what rue herd last: Deep in the meadow, under the willow A cama of grass, a soft green almohada Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes And when again they open, the sun will rise.
Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard tu from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings
them true
Here is the place where I amor you.
Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A capa of leaves, a moonbeam ray
Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings
them true
Here is the place where I...
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    I hate the reapings in district 4. They hold them on a makeshift stage near the docks. Always at the crack of dawn. And because the sea faces east, we have to squint into the rising sun to see the platform. The glass reaping ball is erected in the center of the stage, casting its shadow into the crowd below.

    Ah, there she is. Bubbly and neon-colored as usual, Tabbie Crankshat bounds up onto the platform. Fashionably late, as always.
“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be EVER in your favor!” she warbles in the thick...
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How perfect I finished book 2 today and book 3 comes out tomorrow? I'm never this lucky! I'm a new fan. So I'm getting in with my own prediction before I lose the opportunity before we've all read the third book and everything I write in here is wrong. I'm sure this will be like a hundred other opinions but I'm escritura it anyway because I want to get it's amazingness off my chest (so I can get some homework done!) before I have even más to think about and all my guessing is over!

The Relationships
I'm Team Peeta. I'm guessing the en general, general consensus is Peeta? Even if she doesn't know it herself,...
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posted by Bookcrumb
tu know how there's a Team Edward and a Team Jacob for Twilight? Well, my friends and I decided to make teams (with cute little sayings) for the Hunger Games. Here they are!

(Please note: these are not couples teams. They are just teams.)

Team Peeta - my man can cook.
Team Gale - because pan de molde, pan is stupid.
Team Cato - (dead) bad guys are cool too!
Team Haymitch - Whaaat?!?
Team Rue - tu gotta catch her first!
Team Thresh - Just because he's dead doesn't mean he didn't win.
Team Foxface - She's dead?! I don't believe you.
Team Capitol - It's for your own good...
Team Effie - May the odds be ever in your...
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posted by pasdoll
Johanna Mason perfil Page

Name: This is Johanna Mason's page. I'm sure even a brainless idiot from the Capitol can understand my name is Johanna Mason.

Age: Who cares?

Home: Victors village, District Seven. Yeah, that's right. I'm a freaking victor. Fear me.

Current location: siguiente to my axe in my room *heart*

Interested in: Chopping and cutting.

In a relationship: I'm a difficult girl to love.


WALL muro muro muro muro muro muro muro WALL

Peeta Mellark: February 7th 12:09PM

You like to chop and cut things?

Johanna Mason:...
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*In case tu don't remember, Chaff is one of Haymitch's best friends and was one of the tributes in the 75th Hunger Games*


Haymitch Abernathy perfil Page

Name: Can't remember.

Age: Have no idea.

Home: Somewhere in North America.

Current location: In a dumpster.

Interested in: Drinking and sleeping.

In a relationship: Keep my options open.


WALL muro muro muro muro muro muro muro WALL

Effie Trinket: January 24th 18:09PM

'Keep your options open'?...
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posted by kaylap1410
I am Katniss Everdeen
And even though I am kind of lean
I can shot an arrow up your sorry ass, yeah
I am Katniss Everdeen
My favorito! color is dark green
And I have no freak'n class, yeah
You can see me here
In district twelve
So I am gonna grab my boots
Off that damn shelf
I am Katniss Everdeen.
Here I am

I am Primrose...

Prim, honey, the song's about me.

Oh! Sorry, Katniss!

No, it's cool lil' sis. We can sing about tu in Catching Fire, ok? tu know, after your name gets picked in the reaping and I volunteer to take your place, use Peeta to get me out of that damn place-...
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posted by deedragongirl
 seguro & Sound
Safe & Sound
Hi guys, I'm currently at the end of the first book. So here is my review on the first book before I watch the movie later on.


I was very impressed with the story, despite that it was complex. Well that's because I need to watch the movie to follow the story! I just couldn't get enough of the plot and I have personally say the series is even better than the awful Twilight Saga.

The Characters

Katniss and Peeta are the two characters who are better than Edward and Bella, they have más chemistry than Edward and Bella and I just can't understand why people tend to compare these couples....
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Cinna The Mega-Stylist perfil page

Name: Cinna Wigglebottom.

Age: Thirty.

Home: The Capitol.

Current location: My office, making flaming socks.

Interested in: Designing and styling, my one and only passion *heart*

In a relationship: Completely committed to my job.


WALL muro muro muro muro muro muro muro WALL

Katniss Everdeen: 12th March 18:03PM

You never told me your last name was Wigglebottom.

Cinna The Mega-Stylist: 12th March 18:03PM

You've never asked.

President Snow The Sexy Rooster: 12th March 18:06PM

Cinna, my man! Just...
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The extremely talented Golden Globe Award nominated actor Amanda Plummer has officially joined the cast of the upcoming Hunger Games sequel "Catching Fire". Plummer will play the role of Wiress, an older tribute from District 3 who is dicho to be "exceptionally smart" and adept at working with electronics. In addition to her 1993 Golden Globe Award nomination for the NBC movie "Miss Rose White", Plummer has won a Tony Award for her portrayal of Sister Agnes in the play "Agnes of God", and has won three Primetime Emmy Awards. Numerous roles are still up for grabs in "Catching Fire".

Details Here:

My Prep team is late. I sit on the tiled white floor of the makeover bathroom and wait. There's some kind of easy-listening música playing softly through the speakers, although I can't seem to locate where exactly the speakers are. Probably nanotechnology. I learned about that in school.

I hear giggles down the hall. My prep team must be here. Two silly-looking women come in. They're the weirdest looking people I have ever seen.

Both of them have neon rosado, rosa skin and silver tatuajes around their eyes. One of them has yellow hair. It's not blonde- it's too bright to be blonde. She looks like several...
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[ ]You amor Hunting
[ ]You hate oweing people
[ ]You're very stubborn
[ ]You know how to hold a grudge
[ ]You hate spontanious acts
[ ]You'd Rather have your hair in a braid
[ ]You'd risk your life for your family
[ ]You have really good aim
[ ]Your not a Hopeless-Romantic
[ ]You have a lot of guy friends
[ ]Your Independent


[ ]You amor baking
[ ]You are a amazing artist
[ ]You have leader qualities
[ ]You are a friendly person
[ ]Your a Hopeless-Romantic
[ ]You know how to get the crowd's attention
[ ]Protective
[ ]You have blonde hair
[ ]You suck at hunting
[ ]Your a good Liar
[ ]You'd give your...
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 "I was frustrated. I threw a cuchillo at the wall."
"I was frustrated. I threw a knife at the wall."
My tired and achy body feels numb beneath me. The gentle gliding motion of the train rocks me back and forth like the ocean carrying its waves to the shore. Except waves aren't being carried towards what will most likely be their deaths.

Jay, Tabbie, and Maggie, my mentor-everybody calls her Mags-, all ate in the dining cabina ages ago, but I requested cena alone in my room. I need time to think and plan strategy. My cena lies cold and untouched on parte superior, arriba of my dresser, the only other piece of furniture in my dismal little train cabina besides my bed. I only have about seven days to prepare...
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