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for those of tu who are very desperate to read it.

Your destiny awaits. Now that tu have discovered your true parentage, tu must prepare yourself for a difficult future-fighting monsters, adventuring across the world, and dealing with temperamental Greek and Roman gods. I don't envy you.

I hope this volume will help tu on your journeys. I had to think long and hard before publishing these stories as they were dado to me in the strictest confidence. However, your survival comes first, and this book will give tu an inside look at the world of demigods-information that...
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posted by HecateA
Nutty theories, get it? Nutty, but, hazelnut, Hazel’s character art and info came out, this is her article, nuts, confusion, hun? Never mind.
    But Hazel IS the subject of today’s articulo (and her horse- let’s not forget Arion), and I’ve scavenged the information far and wide (hence the two día lateness) because I am even más confused than when I found out that teddy bears can be sacrificed.
    Let’s start with the info that was released early (tee-hee, score 1 for fans!) and that a lot of people have already seen.

Name: Hazel Levesque...
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posted by FantasyLover543
hola guys, it's FantasyLover543 and I seriously have no idea how to write this thing and I know I'm going to regret it later but here goes-

First of all when I read TLH (the lost hero ,duh) I liked it. I liked it very much. Here I'll like to add that unlike all(or most) of tu I read TLH before I read the PJO series(if tu don't know what PJO is tu don't deserve to be here). So it was my first time experience of this Greek-gods-are-alive-and-kicking-and-they-also-have-kickass-demigod-children world. And I admit that I liked it. But tu know what I liked most in the book? No,it wasn't Leo's awesomeness...
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