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percy jackson
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This is my first time escritura something like this, and i hope tu enjoy it.

All rights go to Rick Riordan for creating the characters

The two characters I created are:
Trixie- daughter of Jupiter, twin to Jason
Thalassa- daughter of Poseidon, 14

Chapter One-
Trixie was hanging out with her friends Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, and Thalassa at Camp Half-Blood when she came up with the idea. She dicho to the group "Hey guys, i've got a good idea. Tonight after the campfire, we should play Spin the Bottle with some boys."
Annabeth looked at her "Are tu sure? I don't know."
Trixie replied "Yeah, i mean, come...
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As Piper was walking up to the Big house,she saw some of the other head counselors standing around outside it,including Jason. She thought it was a little strange because usually they had counsel meetings in the rec. room. especially in the middle of winter. Well,the end of winter actually ,because lately the snow was starting to melt and it was getting warmer. As she walked up,Jason spotted her and came over.

"Any idea what this is about?'He asked.
"Nope"she replied looking around for Leo. Just then , Chiron came around the corner. He seemed troubled."What is this about, Chiron?"Jason...
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Okay, so I made one of these artículos about Jason and some people requested that I do one for Piper, so I thought I would try. :) Also, I’m sorry if there are a billion other artículos about why someone likes/hates Piper, I didn’t really look to see. XD Hopefully this isn’t too redundant and boring for those of tu who have been on fanpop longer than I have…

Before I start I just want to say:

1) THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST A WARNING!!!!

2) These are my opinions and I just want to share them. Feel free to share your own opinions in the comments! :)

I’m going...
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percy jackson
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