The heroes of Olympus fanfic NicoL's Mark of Athena

Nicolicious posted on Apr 22, 2012 at 10:05AM
Heyheyhey peoples and this is my Mark of Athena.
Rating: T maybe or something else
Characters: All of RR's characters and my characters like George and Taylor etc
Synophis(Don't know how to spell it) The campers are heading to Camp Jupiter to get Percy and the rest of the prophecy kids but they also have another prophecy to deal with
Here are the prophecies
'Seven half-bloods shall answer the call
To storm or fire the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death'
And this one
'Wisdoms daughter walks alone
The Mark of Athena burns through Rome...'
All rights to R.R
Don't care about spam and constructive critism is allowed

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big smile
I'm gonna post the first chapter
Chapter 1
Jason’s pov
Today was the day; I was going to see my camp again. I was going to see Bobby, Dakota, Gwen, Hazel and Reyna again after so long. I stared at the clouds as we flew by.
“An hour till we land.” Annabeth said coming to stand next to me.
“You’re anxious aren’t you?” I asked.
“Yup so are you.” She stated.
“You know you saying that doesn’t surprise me.”
“Yeah I can read expressions really easily but yours are harder than usual.”
“Must be the roman in me.” I said staring at the hills rolling by. Annabeth nodded in agreement but then we heard Leo shouting at Piper and Piper shouting back.
“Huh I’m gonna go sort that out.” Annabeth sighed and walked off downstairs to go find out what was wrong with them. I looked around at the huge ship and all its occupants. There was Thalia and Phoboe that made up the hunters; there was the Stoll brothers and Chris Rodriguez that made up Hermes cabin. There was Clarisse and her brother Derek that made up Ares, and then there was Butch from Iris, George from Nemesis, Clovis from Hypnos, Will Solace and his sister Georgia from Apollo, Taylor from Thanatos, Nico from Hades and Lou Ellen from Hecate cabin were all relaxing sort of across the deck, which meant that Miranda Gardiner and her twin sister Katie Gardiner from Dementer were down stairs or they had fallen off the boat trying to catch seaweed to plant in a garden. I laughed at that which received some looks. I looked away then spotted a bunch of buildings surrounded by a river, wait no normal river it was the River Tiber!
“Guys down there head down there!” I screamed at someone anyone.
“Calm Jason I got it.” Leo said as he steered the ship down to the camp. As I looked down I saw a bunch of Romans in five turtle formations with a Pegasus in the middle and three figures next to the Pegasus. As the boat descended I got a look at old friends and enemies and then we landed.
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Here is the next chapter :D
Chapter 2
Percy’s pov
Annabeth is coming right now; she is going to walk out of that ship and run up to me and hug me and everything will be okay. The ship landed and a boy with blonde hair walked out and waved which received some gasps and murmurs and a slight cuss or two from Octavian which made me smile. Next out came a boy with elfish features who stumbled on the way out then burst into flames, I was going to panic and spray water on him but the flames extinguished themselves and a girl with choppy brown braided hair came out and smacked him on the head. Then a girl in a silver parka and black hair screamed my name and tackled me.
“You aren’t Annabeth are you?” I asked breaking the hug.
“Nah you know me Kelp head.” The girl who I realized was Thalia said after she punched me in the arm.
“Yeah I know you. Where is Annabeth?” I looked around but couldn’t find her. Then I got slapped across the face and immediately the Romans raised their weapons. I looked at who slapped me and there was Annabeth.
“Um hi Annabe…”
“Um jees Annabeth I didn’t mean to disappear like that I was gonna say more than hi but if your not okay with that I’ll say sorry.” I said while rubbing the back of my head.
“Its fine I guess but we will talk more about this later.” She grumbled then she gave me a small kiss and stormed off to talk to Clarisse who gave me thumbs up, which I responded with another finger than my thumb.
“Damn your girlfriend scares me.” Frank said slapping my shoulder.
“Yeah she scares me too.” I agreed.
“Eep!” Hazel said or squealed.
“What?” Frank said protectively.
“That is Sammy.” Hazel said pointing to the flame boy. Obviously the flame boy noticed us because he walked this way.
“What am I going to do?” Hazel said freaking out.
“Don’t freak out for starters.” I said but as I said that Hazel speed walked away to Annabeth, Thalia, Clarisse and the other girl that came with them. As the Sammy boy approached Frank and I prepared for the worst.
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I am posting the next chapter :D
Chapter 3
Annabeth’s pov
The nerve of him! Eight months and then all he says is hi. I was totally zoned out of the conversation until some girl who must have been Roman walked up and asked to stay and talk for a while.
“Sure don’t see why not.” I said as Piper and Thalia agreed and all we got from Clarisse was a grunt and something about Romans and how they smell.
“We should go to the senate house there will most likely be a meeting about you Graceus.” The girl we learnt was called Hazel said.
“Graceus?” Clarisse said gripping her spear and raising an eyebrow.
“Sorry been around Octavian for too long. Oh and don’t get offended if Octavian tries to kill you okay.” She said apologetically raising her hands.
“Come on let’s go see this killer Octavian.” Thalia said smiling.
“It’s your funeral.” Hazel said smiling as she led us to the senate house and showed us our seats next to the other campers. I sat down next to Piper and saw the Praetor Reyna, as I learned her name was, get up and smile at Percy (Grr) then walked to the middle of the senate house addressing everyone
“As you all know the Greeks have come for another 3 people for the prophecy of the seven. Annabeth could you explain?” Reyna said with a smile, but in her eyes they said mess with me you die.
“Um, yes I can.” I stood up and about 400 eyes turned my way. “Right the prophecy goes like this:
Seven half-bloods shall answer the call
To storm or fire the world must fall
An oath to keep with a final breath
And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death.” I finished and everything went silent.
“Um thank you Annabeth. Does anyone have suggestions to who the seven are?”
“Yeah there are three from Camp Half-blood so far.” Jason said standing up.
“Yes so who are the other four?” Reyna asked intrigued.
“Well we thought three from your camp and then the last would be chosen via vote.” I said standing up again.
“Very smart idea and I know who the three from our camp should be.” She said her face full of admiration. “It should be Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque and Percy Jackson.” There was no challenge from anyone in the senate so Reyna continued. “They should leave immediately after the seventh is chosen.” Reyna ended. “Senate meeting adjourned.” She got up and left as soon as possible which left me with wonder.
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