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Does anyone know the título of this episode where, at the end, the CLS/LSP office was held at gunpoint Nick's new friend and employee was shot in the head. Lulu returned to the office and talked and lied to the shooter, enabling his disarmament.

Oh, I now know the answer now: No Good Deed. I got the DVD boxset of all 3 seasons from amazonas, amazon says they are region 1 NTSC discs requiring region 1 o multi-region players. I played them on my macbook and the manzana, apple DVD player told me the discs are region 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. So, I tried them on my region 2 DVD player, connected to my TV in the Living Room that is NTSC enabled, and they played. I also tried them in my bedroom TV that is not NTSC enabled and they didn’t play as normal. So, in conclusion, a region 2 player is fine and tu need a NTSC enabled TV to play the DVDs.
Lanny32 posted hace más de un año
 Lanny32 posted hace más de un año
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fanfan12345 said:
Season 2 No Good Deed
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posted hace más de un año 
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