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Samuel canto "Jolene" for his last chance performance.
glee project
episode 10
Samuel canto "My Funny Valentine" for his last chance performance (Generosity).
glee project
episode 9
my funny valentine
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Lindsay canto "Gimme Gimme" for her last chance performance (Glee-ality).
glee project
episode 10
gimme gimme
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lista your favourite glee project people from season 1 and 2.

1. Charlie Lubeck

2. Nellie Veitenheimer

3. Aylin Bayramoglu

4. Damian McGinty

5. Cameron Mitchell

6. Blake Jenner

7. Marissa Von Bleicken

8. Abraham Lim

9. Samuel Larsen

10. Lindsay Pearce

11. Michael Weisman

12. Shanna Henderson

Have tu ever read a 6/11 fic

I'd be lying if I dicho I haven't written them myself ;) Blichael<3

Do tu think 4 is hot?

You bet!<3

What would happen if 12 got 8 pregnant?

I don't think Shanna could get Abraham pregnant... it would be interesting.

Do tu recall any fics about 9

I read tons of fanfics about Samuel....
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Chapter 3 of my new fanfic! The first chapter with glee Project season 1 contenders. So I've changed it up, this fanfic is now as if TGP never existed. Everyone just knows each other from school o from each other.

Yes; it's another short chapter; the first of each couple (ex: First chapter involving Damsay) will be short.

Setting: Lindsay's House

Point of View: Lindsay's

Couple: Damsay
"Um... hi," A voice says softly to me.

I turn around and see a boy, a young boy with brown hair, kind eyes and the cutest accent in the world.

"Is this asiento taken?" He questions.

I look at...
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