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1. Aoi-san♥

2. I have to say that u r a pretty, pretty lucky bastard to get him. I guess it would be that rare for u to get him but whatevs. . . Anyways, Ruki is the sexy lion vocalist of the GazettE.

3. I got this too ( link )

4. Reita would probably fall in amor with you.
For him, amor is pure. No illusions. He needs someone to hang out with. He wants to be himself when you're around.
Accept him the way he is, otherwise it won't work.
But he's a good guy anyway, so he's easy to accept, isn't he?

5. tu have the sexy lead singer himself, Ruki
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This is just like a small lectura to find out más about them (it's not 100% exact) but anyway..

btw, I found this on a website and translated it, so I have no idea of who made it, so if tu know tell me :)


"Can do many things at once. Has a good intuition. Very artistic. Organized. He likes to take risks. Neglected. Arrogant. Selfish. Artist. Spiritual. Meticulous. Capable of achieving its goals. Successful. Honest. Very clever. Sensible. Physically and mentally strong. Closed person who does not like mostrando their feelings. Conscious. Wants to achieve something and get it. Leader....
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The GazettE - Naraku 奈落 [FULL]
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