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posted by hooch-is-crazy
Well, here they are, the highly prestigious special awards, The fanpop Four Award For Constructive Criticism, The Dave Lu Humanitarian Award and The Lifetime Achievement Award.

The fanpop Four Award For Constructive Criticism

This is the award for the fan who will never shy away from helping people, even if it isn't always positively recieved. All of these nominees are exactly that, from harold's excellent user guides, which provide an excellent amount of information to any new fan, and his artículos on fanpop etiquette, to Cammie's incredible ability to give consejos without sounding remotely mean,...
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 hechizada is still magic!
Bewitched is still magic!
Good evening Fanpoppers! Thank you, thank tu so much. Please sit.
Oh my stars, I'm totally floored!*deep breath* Firstly, I'd like to say what an honour it is for me to be here in a room full of so many awesomely talented fanpoppers. I'd like to begin por congratulating all the nominees and the winners in this year's Fanpoppy Awards.
I'm kind of at a loss for words as I don't have anything prepared which is why I actually waited so long before expressing my sincere gratitude.
My husband, being a very talented man in the advertising business had put together a nice little acceptance speech for...
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Thanks. :D

I'd really like to thank Saul_Mikoliunas, pollyloveshouse, OhClip, and germany123. They're the real people behind the article. I just wrote it.
This thing says I have to write a longer article.
I really really really appreciate all of yall voting for me. This articulo holds a special place in my corazón 'cause I want to be a journalist when I grow up, and when I look back, this'll be my ultimate starting point. soo...
I wanted it to be "thanks" but I GUESS THAT ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN. D:
tu guys rock. fanpop rocks. everything rocks.
The setting: Fanpoppy awards ceremony. Last year’s winner for Outstanding Contributions to Videos, Neeki, stands at the podium. There is a wave of applause as she reads out the nominees for Outstanding Contributions to Links. The applause eventually dies down and a hush falls throughout the room as Neeki rips open the envelope. The nominees are on the edge of their seat, poised to rush on stage the moment their name is read.
 Everyone waits eagerly to hear the winner's name.
Everyone waits eagerly to hear the winner's name.

"And the winner is...Chel1395!"

 The crowd is so happy for Chel!!
The crowd is so happy for Chel!!

Chel’s fellow nominees (Megloveskyle, Smoore23...
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 I'll be putting that somewhere seguro
I'll be putting that somewhere safe
Jack Nicholson
I guess this proves there are as many nuts in the Academy as anywhere else.

Yeah that pretty sums up my feelings right about now. I really was not expecting this considering the fanpoppers that were also in my category. I’m debating whether I should do a gushing reportar on how worthless I am compared to them, like most of the awards ceremonies tend to go (we all know that people really just want to say SUCK IT), but then I remembered that outside of the House MD spot I’m not a known entity so why seem like a complete stalker?

Basically I’m very honored that I received this...
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 johnminh is giddy with his awards!
johnminh is giddy with his awards!
I have to say I’m usually pleasantly surprised whenever I open up fanpop. Whether it’s the awesome links, videos, images, o picks that are publicado o the crazy shenanigans of the users, there’s always something interesting going on here.

This morning (or evening, depending on which side of the ponds tu live in) was no exception with the announcement of the fanpoppies. It’s always amazing how these webevents bring out much excitement and bring out the best in everyone. So I guess it’s time to make a quick acceptance speech for the awards that tu all have bestowed upon me. I promise...
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It took me over 3 hours to compile this list. My eyes are now permanently crossed and my brain has turned to mush. That being said, if tu notice that something tu nominated doesn't appear on this lista it is likely due to one of the following:
- there were más than 6 nominations, so I only chose the nominations that came up at least twice
- I didn't see it (please tell me if tu think this is the case.. although frankly, my first instinct is to say "too effin' bad")
- it was disqualified for not being specific enough, o tu put it in the wrong category, etc.
- some other arbitrary happenstance...
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this is my lista of the parte superior, arriba 10 things the fanpoppies were/are, the fanpoppy awards spot was/is o the fanpoppy statue is/was:

10. NOT an Emmy with a fanpop star

9. The only award statue that has been interveiwed

8. In no way affiliated with the Emmies, Grammies o Dundies

7. Probably the main reason behind hooch-is-crazy's fan of the fortnight

6. One of the 10 best things about fanpop, according to Jamfan4

5. One of the fastest growing spots in fanpop's history, becoming a full spot in only 17 days

4. Wanted por everyone, as shown por Chel.

3. Fanpop's main (and as far as i'm aware, only) awards ceremony with más than one award

2. Voted fanpop's best event in the 2008 fanpoppies

and, the number one thing the fanpoppies are is...

1. A hilarious word.

So there tu have it. the parte superior, arriba 10 things the fanpoppies were.
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posted by inespinto
So, I didn't win anything. I wasn't even nominated for anything. At first I was a little sad, I mean it was an award show!
But then I started thinking how I loved the whole process: browsing fanpop frenetically (more than usual) in buscar of that Spot o User that makes everything in fanpop worth it. I loved going to what felt like millions of spots looking for the best banner, the best fan art and all those things that make each spot as unique and amazing as the siguiente one.

I also loved searching users, seeing all the wonderful content they publicado and how original and hard working they are....
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This is a transcription of the acceptance speech that would have been dado por Chel1395 at the Fanpoppy Awards Ceremony, February 23, 2008. Unfortunately, the ceremony was disrupted por a surprise Smurf blitz attack and Chel was knocked unconscious during the ensuing chaos. She is still in the hospital recovering. Donations towards her hospital bill are welcome.

I was told that I should have some words written down, just in case I won the Fanpoppy Lifetime Achievement Award. But, to be honest, I thought there...
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Good evening everyone! (or morning for some). We apologize for the interruption in the award ceremonies. We would like to assure tu that Eden is in fact seguro and unharmed. Dazl's smurf army is guarding her, and Hooch is being detained until he promises to find some unsuspecting MySpacer to terrorize instead. Hopefully you've all taken this opportunity to mingle amongst yourselves and make use of the open bar.

... and now, the moment you've all been waiting for - the special award winners!

The fanpop Four Award for Constructive Criticism

The nominees are:

- DrDevience
- knifewrench

And the winner...
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