The Fairly OddParents New Episodes??

firenationgirl posted on Jul 28, 2007 at 03:10AM
when is there going to be new episodes I truely love this show but I am getting tired of watching the same ones. So if anyone knows anything about new episodes please tell me

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hace más de un año 14enbee said…
Three things. 1. Watch 77 secrets of FOP. 2. He going get a little bro or sis I think I'm not sure. 3. I also think he is goning to lose one of the two godparents. Don don don!
hace más de un año dustfinger said…
Guess what it came true. New episodes!
hace más de un año loganm said…
i wanna see more new episodes with baby poof.
hace más de un año blackparade said…
i hate the old ones! they weird and i miss the semi-old ones, but not the ones from like 2000... lolzz
hace más de un año dmh34641414 said…
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hace más de un año venvargie said…
Lol at dmh34641414 *claps*