The Eleven Warriors of Olympus The Main Gal Of The Lost Daughter Of Poseidon

kataraang45 posted on Dec 17, 2010 at 08:18AM
kya...we all know she's a demigod daughter of poseidon. for some reason..many have asked...who is kya? what's her porpouse in the series? well....i will tell you that.

kya was born on mount olympus. her mother is Amphitite, the wife of Poseidon,which is her father. in envy, Aphrodite stole her from her parents when she was a baby. the goddess disguised herself as a young woman. she gave kya to one of the guards and the guard gave kya to long sang, who is the chief of the northern water tribe. long sang knew kya was a demigod and just claimed kya was his daughter.

sixteen years later, kya grew up to be a radiant princess. she never knew she was a demigod of such.

in words, kya is head-strong. she's a master archer and swordfighter. when she came to camp half-blood, everything she knew changed.

in book 3, she'll be engaged to danzu, the boy of her dreams. and she'll be fighting the titans one by one for their freedom.

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