The Dark Knight Maggie's Rachel sucked

JarOfMemories posted on Nov 21, 2010 at 09:12AM
For many reasons, but I want to focus more on why a lot of people blindly agree that she was a better Rachel Dawes; Maggie's Rachel kicked the Joker in the groin, and Katie's Rachel ran away from Scarecrow.

Yeah, sure. Okay. Why don't we all call Holmes' Rachel a huge pussy because she didn't fight off a bunch of men in a place where no one can hear her scream?

What a stupid thing to say.

Not to mention, Maggie's Rachel was terrified when the Joker walked around her. Might as well call that haggard bitch a pussy too while you're at it. And what makes anyone think Katie's Rachel would have just stood by and watched? She proved herself to have "a little fight in her" in Begins when she slapped Bruce for even thinking about killing a man. The thought of murder obviously disturbs her no matter who it is.

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hace más de un año BellaMetallica said…
maggie has jowls like nobody's business LOL.
not to mention she looks like she's in her 50's.
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