The Dark Knight First annual* Dark Knight Caption Contest

hm94991 posted on Nov 30, 2008 at 07:32PM
This Contest, (copied from the link Spot, Is fairly simple. I will post a Dark Knight Screen cap Every couple of weeks, and anyone in the spot will be allowed to post a comment saying what they think the character(s) in the photo are saying/thinking.
link is the House example. "caption 1"
After a week, I will make a pick question for all the people that have submitted a comment and you can vote on who you think the best one is.
EDIT: P.S. The captions should be funny. The funnier, the better.

Whoever wins gets props for it. I'll post the first one in a couple of hours.
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hace más de un año hm94991 said…
*In this case, "annual" means whenever I feel like it. XD
Also- All credit to link for thinking this up.

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hace más de un año MrAlex said…
Yep, same in this spot.

Count me in!
hace más de un año hm94991 said…
Here it is! --