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This is my longest chapter yet and is deddicated to my sister who told me to post my stories on the net. Enjoy!

Nahul was standing opposite me and the rest of us but there was a problem, behind Nahul there was a pack of sixteen blood thirsty, red eyed vampires.
“It’s just like Victoria,” I heard dad mutter, automatically placing himself in front of mum and I. I had heard about Victoria before, the crazed vampire who had wanted to kill my mum when she was human; she had created an army of newborn vampiros and my dad had eventually ripped her head off with the help of Seth (my best wolfish...
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I am incredibly proud of this peice ( I never though it was possible for me to write this much in a day!) let me know if tu agree.

Training was hard but incredibly fun much to mum and dad’s dislike. Kate had helped me like she had my mum and Emmet and Jasper were teaching me tactics.
“Okay Emmet, I’m ready to go again!” I called after he had managed to floor me for the sixteenth time. As I slipped into a low crouch I flashed Esme a huge grin, I had hardly got to spend any alone time with her since we arrived in Denali, what with the sadistic vampire and me being...
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I am sorry the chapters are so short, I will try to make them longer. Thankz for reading, I hope tu enjoy.

“We ran as fast as we could but they had a car waiting on the highway. We know who it is and so dose Nessie!” Alice exclaimed in a high pitched voice handing me a crumpled branch. I sniffed it delicately. Everybody held their breath awaiting my reaction.
All of my memories came flooding back to me as I arched my back and flipped back into a low crouch feeling a sudden burst of energy. I knew this scent; it was Nahul’s the only half vampire half human boy in existence.
“How could...
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posted by LoveTwilight_xx
“Where do tu think they are?”
“Not a clue, tu got any ideas?”
“No, do tu think that because tu and Alice are like so close that tu might be able to read her mind?” I asked him with great curiosity.
“I’ll try but I don’t think it will work,” he sat down and pulled his knees up to his chest and put his head down and started to try and find Alice’s mind, it reminded me so much of Alice when she was trying to see into the future. minutos went past and finally after about twenty minutos he lifted his head slowly.
“I heard a small bit of her mind,”
“What. What. Edward...
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posted by LoveTwilight_xx
Jasper’s Story
Chapter 2
I sat on the couch, with my head in my hands. Praying that Alice’s comes home. The sun rose, indicating the new day. Alice and Bella had been gone for nearly twelve hours. I was beside myself with worry, and I was furious at myself, and Tanya. I could feel everyone else’s emotions. Worry, concern, confusion, even a little bit of anger. But I couldn’t bring myself to do anything about it. I couldn’t control my own emotions right now, never mind anyone else’s.
“It’s gonna be okay.” Esme soothed me. I looked at her, questioning her sanity.
“Is it?”...
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posted by LoveTwilight_xx
Jasper's POV

“Go, go hunting!” Alice said, shoving me, Edward and Carlisle out the door.
“How come tu aren’t coming as well?” I asked, with confused eyes.
“Ehm… I have some things to catch up on.” She said, an innocent smile appearing suddenly on her face.
“What things?”
“She is giving me a makeover. And in case she does it bad, we don’t want anyone to see.” Renesmee said, winking at Alice. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
“Don’t go!” Emmett called after us, “Things go wrong. She might go blond like Rosalie.” Alice looked hurt. She stuck her tongue out at...
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Carlisle: (snoring)

Esme: Wake up!

Carlisle: I was making fake snore.

Esme: Oh....

Carlisle: thought I was asleep?

Esme:Kinda of.

Carlisle: Mmm....

Esme: I'm bored.

Carlisle: Not me. It was kinda fun to make fake snore.

Esme: No, it bothers me.

Carlisle: Oh just try it.

Esme: Okay...(snoring)

Carlisle: Like it?

Esme: YES! (snoring) It was fun!

Carlisle: Shh...Bella's sleeping.

Bella: Haha nope.

Carlisle: WHAT?!

Bella: Edward wanted to watch tu both so we came here to watch.

Esme: Oh that's sweet.


Edward: Sorry.

Bella: (snoring) (giggle)

Carlisle: Bella asleep?...
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Carlisle: Hello Miss.Swan.

Bella: Oh hello...I didn't notice tu there.

Carlisle: Oh that's okay.

Bella: Were tu running?

Carlisle: Maybe. I thought I heard noises.

Bella: Sorry about that I just needed to go to the bathroom.


Bella: Yeah...sorry. I'll see tu in morning.

Carlisle:...yes dear.

Bella: Good night. I hope tu will get any sleep.

Carlisle: Well thank you. I don't know if I would get any sleep in cause I am vampire. tu already know that. Right?

Bella: What? You're vampire too?!

Carlisle: Didn't Edward tell you? Oh no...

Bella: Haha that's okay I already know. I am just...
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posted by meeek
Esme: So Carlisle, hunnybunchsugarpiebubblegumyumyumbabyhuggybear,
as I was saying, i really think that Rosalie should dye her hair red.

Carlisle: And why is that Esme, myonetruelovesentfromheaventosavemefromthepitsofhellinearth?

Esme: Cz i dicho so. *holds knife*


Bella: *sits between them* i thought tu couldn't kill a vampire with a knife.

Esme: *hides knife* what knife? do tu see any knives here muffincakes? *glares at muffincakes, ahem, Carlisle*

Bella: you're very forgetful Esme. The one tu hid just now, silly silly Esme *shakes head. Look! Edward's gracefully skipping...
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1. Whenever tu get a papercut, and it's bleeding, wave your hand around in Carlisle's face saying, "you know tu waaaaaaant some."

2. Sneak into Edward's room and redecorate it, including rearranging his CDs

3. Provoke the Volturi and blame it on Jasper

4. Randomly yell "GODDAMMIT!" and whenever one of them asks what happened, say "nooothhinngg' >> with shifty eyes.

5. Give Emmett a teddy oso, oso de for his birthday

6. Invite Jacob Black over....

7....including Quil and Embry

8. Put some fake fangs in your mouth and put ketchup on them (for the blood) and run around going "Rawr Ima vampire! Rawr!...
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