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posted by racana
The world of Narnia was finally destroyed some two hundred years later during the reign of King Tirian, son of King Erlian and seventh in descent from Rilian.
A talking ape named Shift constructed an elaborate conspiracy in a selfish attempt to change Narnia to his liking. por dressing a donkey named Puzzle in a lion's skin and claiming him to be Aslan, Shift began surreptitiously to gain control of the country, forcing inhabitants to do his bidding in the lion's name. He then made contact with the rulers of Calormen, inviting them to conquer Narnia for their mutual advantage. Calormene soldiers...
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 Barbara Kellerman as 'The Lady of Green Kirtle' and as 'The White Witch' from the BBC TV series, 1989 – 1990.
Barbara Kellerman as 'The Lady of Green Kirtle' and as 'The White Witch' from the BBC TV series, 1989 – 1990.
Some readers believe that the White Witch and the Lady of The Green kirtle, saya are the same person. So before tu disregard it, keep in mind that it is a possibility. Their are arguments for both sides. First off, two witches are mentioned por name in the Narnian books, the White Witch (Jadis, empress of Charn, o the "White Lady") and the Lady of the Green kirtle, saya (or "the Green Lady"). Long after Lewis's death, character sketches appeared in later editions of the libros that seem to indicate that these two witches are the same, but these are not according to the autor C.S. Lewis.

Proof that they...
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posted by Dearheart
All around her were dark, disfigured shadows, covered in red from the glare of the torches and the blood of so, so many... A rhythm thumped dully in her ears, but it was not a drumbeat. Rather it was a single, terrible heartbeat, pounding out a pulse of evil joy...

“Did tu think that por all this, tu would save the human traitor?”

She gasped and struggled, a sick feeling twisting inside her...

Aslan! Make me stop! I'm trapped! I can't do anything!

“You have dado me Narnia forever...”

Aslan, HELP! Someone stop me, please!

“In that knowledge, despair...and DIE!”


Lucy bolted upright...
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posted by ClassicalNadia
 Susan Pevensie
Susan Pevensie
In The Last Battle, Susan was the only Pevensie that survived the train wreck on Earth which sent the other children to Narnia after the Last Battle. Susan choses not to return to Narnia. Peter says that she is "no longer a friend of Narnia", and (in Jill Pole's words) "she's interested in nothing now-a-days except nylons and lipstick and invitations." Eustace Scrubb says that she said, "What wonderful memories tu have! Fancy tu still thinking about all those funny games we used to play when we were children," and Polly Plummer adds, "She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age...
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posted by narnian_girl
oso, oso de with me, im about to go nuts criticizing Narnia fan fiction here. ok *deep breath* here i go... i have nothing against the fan fiction itself... i write some in fact, but some fan fiction stories about the Pevensies... are...well... let me put it this way.... IT IRRITATES THE *beeeeeeeep* OUT OF ME!!! im serious. there are a lot of good Pevensie fiction out there, but there are sooooo many stupid stories that deserve to be burned!!! ...except...well... tu cant do that online.... tu can comentario your criticism but no one pays attention to that.... anyway... i just finished lectura one...
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posted by RavenclawRocks
 I wasn't expecting that...
I wasn't expecting that...
oso, oso de in mind I didn't make this up, I just copy and pasted it.
(WARNING: This is very long)


The four Pevensie children return to a wild Narnia, about a 1000 years after their anterior visit. Aiding the rightful heir, Prince Caspian, in his attempt to overthrow his usurping uncle, Lord Miraz, the Pevensie children succeed in freeing the rightful people of Narnia and restore it – with the aid of Aslan.

Film in General

Compared to the first film (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) directed por Adamson, around 3 years ago, Prince Caspian is a `darker` film, to be sure. However, concerned...
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The heartbeat of Africa is strong tonight, the joyful and ancient rhythm echoed por bare feet and drums. Shadowed figures of all shapes and sizes dance around the light, canto and swaying with the flames. Their voices rise in crescendo with the drums, hands and faces lifting to the sky, higher, higher...and then swinging down again into the siguiente verse of the wild song, the beat getting faster.

A young man with the wisdom of two worlds in his eyes looks on, humming along under his breath and trying to keep from trembling. He has never seen the Deep Magic so raw and undisguised before; not...
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posted by MineTurtle
Pull!*twang...thud* the black beast fell to the ground. "Ha! And tu thought tu were invincible. I, Lucy Pevensie, swear on Aslan's mane that no beast of the White Witch shall ever get past me!"
"Lucy, look out!" Edmund called. She swung around, with her sword in the air and chopped the fuzzy beast's head off. "Ha! Take that! And tha-"

The door opened,and Alanna's big brother, Jacob walked in. The door shut and Alanna whirled around, and dropped the pool noodle. "Are tu still playing that stupid game?"
"It is NOT stupid!" Alanna stomped her foot
"Yes, it is! Narnia isn't real!"...
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posted by Dearheart
Happy belated anniversary, mom and dad! tu both know how much I hate romance, but this stupid plot bunny wouldn't let go of me. I kept thinking of how freakin' tired I was of Suspian, and how funny it would be if she wound up with that nerd in the movie, and how Dad is the nerd and Mom is the, yeah. I caved. Pardon me if the escritura is rough and the romance is awful; I've never done anything like this before.

So it is with much amor that I grudgingly present to tu this giftfic...

~ Phyllis ~

“I hope it stays clear tonight,” Susan murmured, glancing out the window as she swept...
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 Anywhere is!
Anywhere is!
Hi guys, it's been coming to 11 years since I had watch the movie and read the book. So, here are my thoughts and comparison on both the book and the movie adaptation.

The Book

Like in many fantasía libros like Harry Potter that I had read, the book have many twist and very unpredictable. The story also made several references with the bible, like when Aslan is about to be sacrifice, it mirrors the Crucifixion of Christ and the Resurrection.
Susan and Lucy are like the 2 Mary, when I heard that it was banned in certain countries because of this. I was initially surprised por this news.

The Movie

The film is 100% faithful towards the book and I amor the scenery, the actuación were superb and bravo to the actors themselves!
While escritura this, it makes me want to watch the movie again.

On to Narnia!

Spoiler alerts, if tu have neither seen the movie nor read the book, go ahead!
 Hello Aslan.
Hello Aslan.
posted by deedragongirl
 I miss tu Susan!
I miss you Susan!
Okay, I have read the book 10 years ago, many were not very happy with the last book called the Last Battle that Susan was absent, so here are my thoughts on whether if she is going to be in the final book if they were going to make a movie of it.

Susan should be in the Last Battle

As mentioned, I wasn't happy with the ending of the Last Battle. In fact, the book also came under criticisms from famous autor like J.K Rowling for promoting sexism. I couldn't agree more!
Many fans took to fan fiction and wrote their version of the ending itself, so for my case I would personally think that Susan...
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posted by Dearheart
My dearest child,

Do tu know how much I amor you? o how deeply I know you?

I know your name, your favorito! pastime, your worst fear. I know what tu love, and what tu hate. I chose the color of your hair and eyes. I know the number of hairs on your head, the number of days you'll live, and every secret in your heart. I know every detail of your past, what you're doing, saying and thinking right now, and what your future will be. I know your deepest thoughts, dreams and desires. And I know the longing tu have; the longing to escape and find a better, greater world. A world that is found within...
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posted by Dearheart
 I became shallow and empty; más concerned about my outward appearance than my inward beauty.
I became shallow and empty; more concerned about my outward appearance than my inward beauty.
Greetings, friend of Narnia, and thank tu for coming to hear my story. I know people are anxious to know what happened to me; so I have decided to make an attempt at tying up all the loose ends for you. (And please pardon me if it’s a little rough. I wrote all this in a bit of a rush.)

My name is Susan Carmichael, though tu probably know me as Susan Pevensie. But I’m happily married now, to a wonderful man that even my over-protective brothers would approve of...if they were here. We already have one beautiful daughter, who’s three years old, and another little one on the way. I am happy...
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This goes out to all my fellow Narniacs who booed (or at least grimaced) at the infamous Suspian kiss of Doom in the movie. And Dr. Elwin Ransom wrote this on NarniaWeb, so don't thank me (or hate me, depending on who tu are) for the brilliance and dead accuracy of this parody. IT'S NOT ME.

In case tu haven't figured it out por now, this is sung to the tune of "The Call". Enjoy, rate and comment, duckies!

The Wail

It started out as a feeling
And then our annoyance grew and grew —
As Susan and Caspian locked their lips
We knew the rumor was sadly true.

And then our screams grew louder and louder,...
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posted by PeterPansgirl12
Some people on this site think the Silver Chair will be the siguiente movie.

I'm here to say it is not!
The siguiente movie will be The Magicians Nephew.

Source: link


zorro, fox (instead of Disney) decided that they will be skipping the Silver Chair and just going on to the Magicians Nephew.

I am very sad that the Pevensie will not be there.
I think another reason they are doing TMN is because many people say it is their favorito! book after LWW.
zorro, fox is hoping that TMN will have a better turn out than the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
posted by MineTurtle5
I was on the site The Lion's Call last night, and came across a Narnian 'Good Idea, Bad Idea' list. I thought it was quite funny, so I thought I might post some of it here.

Good Idea: Meeting Aslan
Bad Idea: Checking to see if his mane is real.

Good Idea: Visiting a newly-made world
Bad Idea: Visiting a newly-made world with a witch and your crazy uncle.

Good Idea: Wanting to send your children somewhere seguro during bombing raids.
Bad Idea: Sending your children to a place where they have access to an evil witch, wolves, and talking animals.

Good Idea: Making plans to attack your enemy country.
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“But Nurse, I'm not...not...tired...” The five-year-old trailed off into a yawn.

The old woman raised her eyebrows and chuckled. “Not tired, eh? We'll see about that, young prince.” She reached down to where he sat on the rug among his toys and hoisted him up with a grunt. “Gracious, child; either I have the strength of a frog o you're getting heavier.”

“A frog!" he giggled, clearly delighted with the idea. “Froggies! Ribbit, ribbit, rib--” He ended in a small hiccup and blinked sleepily. Nurse chuckled again and lightly tweaked his nose.

“Speaking of frogs (whether they ‘ribbit’...
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 OMG. Aslan save us all.
OMG. Aslan save us all.
Numerous sources are reporting that once again, another writer has stepped in to write the script for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie. The newest choice will come as a surprise to many. autor Stephenie Meyer, the woman behind the New York Times Best Selling series Twilight, has been tapped to take the latest crack at the story.

“She can help bring a lot of fresh ideas to the table,” says one source. “She can also help bring in audience members. People know who she is far más then CS Lewis.”

“Lewis represents the ideas of the past,” says a segundo source. “Meyer represents...
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posted by Dearheart
This is dedicated to Siberian navidad and Conner, who will be getting married to each other soon! Congrats to both of you!! May God bless tu in your new life together! :-)

“They could see that it was a tall girl, dressed in a single long prenda, prendas de vestir of clear blue which left her arms bare. She was bare-headed and her yellow hair hung down her back. And when they looked at her, they thought they had never before known what beauty meant.” –The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


He could never clearly describe how he fell in amor with her. It was too wonderfully strange to explain; something...
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posted by StarbucksBunny
 Prince Caspian
Prince Caspian
The segundo installment in the Narnia franchise, adapted from C.S. Lewis popular young-adult fantasía novels, is slightly darker than THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE (2005), which is not to say that the first film is all sunlight and daffodils. But it does end with the implicit promise that, thanks to the courage and cleverness of the Pevensie siblings, human youngsters who rise to the challenge of righting a world where it's always winter and never Christmas, all wrongs have been righted for the foreseeable future. CASPIAN is predicated on the less comforting notion that the price of freedom...
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