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Me: *walks into their house*mr grandad im here to watch your two nephews
Riley and Huey: *playing game and glance at me i am the same color as them but my hair is out*wow
Me: *sits siguiente to the boys * u two hungry
Grandad: ok im out *walks out*
Riley: yea i can go for something to eat
Huey: so can i
Me: *walks to the cocina and fix them something to eat*
Riley: dam that girl is sexy
Huey: sexy nah she is so hot
Me: *walks back in with their comida in my hand*
*2 hours later*
Me: *puts them to bed*
Riley and Huey: can u read us a story plz um mrs um
Me: im miss Kenya darlings and sure *reads them a cama time story and kisses their cheek to go downstairs*
If the Boondocks were to make a movie and needed actors....

morgan Freeman as "Granddad"

Lloyd as Huey Freeman

Jaden Smith as Riley Freeman

Snoop Dogg as Slick Back

Cedric the Entertainer as Uncle Ruckus

Jaime Foxx as Tom Dubois

(And YES Jaime it is because of the hairline)

Allison Mack as Sarah Dubois

Jurnee Smollett as Jazmine Duboise

So these would be the actors of the movie Boodnocks if it was ever gonna be filmed.

I think this would be cool to have a boondocks movie. But what would the outcome of the movie bring. Who knows?
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