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sapphire_eyes posted on Oct 02, 2010 at 05:16AM
There are so many great quotes in the books so I can't pick one favorite. Figured I'd get the ball rolling with one from Dark Lover.

Beth: What's your word for husband?
Wrath: Hellren, I suppose. The short version is just hell.
Beth: Go figure.

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hace más de un año Rae_Jae said…
A great long quote from Lover Avenged:
"This was why people got mated, Rehv suddenly thought. Fuck the sex and the social position. If they were smart, they did it to make a house that had no walls and an invisible roof and a floor that no one could walk on-and yet the structure was a shelter no storm could blow down, no match could torch up, no passages of year could degrade."