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mackandlo posted on Apr 27, 2009 at 04:39PM
OK is anyone else excited about the the release of the newest BDB book. I finished reading Lover Enshrined about 2 months ago and have been going through BDB withdraw ever since. My pre-ordered book will be ready for pick up by the time I get off from work tomorrow and I do not plan to put it down until the very last page. any one else out there with me??

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hace más de un año Justintime said…
LOl I read Lover Avenged in a day. Other then V, Rhev is my favorite. So i was totally excited to see it was coming out
hace más de un año LadyEdwina said…
Me too!!! I just can't wait until next year to read John's book!
hace más de un año odd-duck said…
I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy yet and it's driving me insane!!
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hace más de un año anana945 said…
omg i know what you mean about withdrawal..i had to wait for a few of the books from the library. Not the best thing for me. I didnt know what to do with myself!
And now im gonna die waiting for lover mine. grr
hace más de un año Zsadistismine said…
In Lover Avenged on one of the first pages there is a passage in the Old Language. This is what it says:
No Stronger Allies
No Greater Friends
No Better Fighters
Of Honor Could A
King Behold Than
These Assembled
Afore Me Mine
Brothers Mine
(and that is repeated once more)Just thought it was cool
hace más de un año zsadistisfit said…
i read this book! it was a mix of stories :p i quite liked p
my fav character is zsadist though! i just love him :p
then id say is v, then rehv :p
hace más de un año seered27 said…
ive already started reading John's book, its awsome so far =)
hace más de un año Rae_Jae said…
Rehr my fav too. In the middle of reading AGAIN. John's book for me was my least favorite. I wanted closure on issues and didn't get it. Still the BDB is a fun ride.