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housefrk posted on Aug 03, 2010 at 07:12PM
The catergories are link. I went ahead and put all of them. I'm going to assume that not everyone is going to nominate for every catergory and that some will get taken out before going to the next round.

Catergory lists are now final and nominations in the "character" and "plot" catergories are now open. To get a little more variety and because I still don't know how much participation we're going to have, I will allow everyone to nominate two characters per catergory. Nominations for episode-specific catergories do not need to be from the current season, but let's keep it to shows that are still running for now. Please include character names, shows, and episode titles and numbers for necessary catergories. You don't have to submit all your nominations at once, and you don't have to nominate someone for every catergory. PM me your nominations. Please don't post nominations in this thread.

Also, I tried to clarify some of the catergories where the title didn't seem self-explanitory, but if anyone needs further clarification, please let me know.

Even the though the plot nominations are open, you can still nominate for character. In fact, you should, because I still don't have enough nominees to do this.

Happy nominating everyone!

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hace más de un año mdigs73 said…
sounds like a good idea
hace más de un año housefrk said…
Alright, so the next phase would be to come up wuth some catergories. I've got almost three pages worth that I'm still trying to hammer out, but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to post them.

Also, I'm still in the stage where this isn't going to happen if I don't get enough of a response, so if you don't have any ideas but still plan to participate, please let me know.
hace más de un año xoheartinohioxo said…
I'd participate =]
hace más de un año xoheartinohioxo said…
You said you already have a ton of ideas for categories, but just in case here are some of my ideas: [lol though you've probably already thought of them!]

Favorite Male

Favorite Female

Favorite Blond character

Favorite Brunette character

Favorite Redhead character

Favorite 'Unique Hairstyled' character

Favorite character that is famous/very well-known [on their show] - ex: Nathan Scott since he's in the NBA; Kate Austen since she was a wanted fugitive; Temperance Brennan since she wrote books.

Favorite character that is a mother

Favorite character that is a father

Favorite child character [younger than teens]

Favorite teen character

Favorite adult character

Favorite SHOW for all the major networks [ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The CW]

Favorite Show for the different cable networks [ABC Family, USA, HBO, ShowTime etc]

I'll add some more ideas later =]
hace más de un año housefrk said…
Actually, I hadn't thought of any of them :D
hace más de un año Itconsumesme said…
I'd definetely participate xD
hace más de un año mdigs73 said…
favorite drama
favorite comedy
favorite american show
favorite british show

hace más de un año huddyislove said…
big smile
I need to add this:
Favorite addict,
Favorite couple (sorry, I just needed to do it XD)
Favorite baby obsessed character
Favorite vampire
hace más de un año mdigs73 said…
favorite party animal
favorite naive character
favorite bitchy character
hace más de un año housefrk said…
Adding them now :D
hace más de un año Itconsumesme said…
favourite kiss
funniest character male
funniest character female
best fight
best dressed male
best dressed female

hope they are not already on the list xD
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hace más de un año housefrk said…
Adding them ASAP
hace más de un año housefrk said…
Character and plot catergories open for nomination.
hace más de un año housefrk said…
Okay, so as of right now, I still don't have enough participation for this to work. I'll leave character and plot open for another week, as well as open the "Couples" catergory, but if I still don't have enough participation by Saturday, September 11, I'm going to pack it in, so if you haven't nominated, please do.