televisión 30 día televisión Characters Challenge

jlhfan624 posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 08:25PM
Hey fam, I just made up this 30 day challenge because who doesn't like those, right?! Please enjoy.

1. Favorite character from the last show you watched
2. Favorite non-human character (vampire, robot, animal, etc)
3. A character that reminds you of someone you know
4. Favorite child or teen character
5. Best ass kicker
6. Funniest character
7. Character that appeared on multiple shows
8. Favorite character from your favorite tv show
9. Your spirit animal
10. Best villain
11. A character you absolutely hate
12. Favorite canon couple
13. Favorite non-canon couple
14. Favorite heroine
15. Favorite hero
16. Current favorite character
17. A character you didn't expect to end up loving
18. Hottest character
19. A character with the best quotes
20. Overrated character
21. Underrated character
22. Favorite childhood character
23. Favorite non-romantic pair or group of characters (friends, siblings, etc)
24. A character you will always defend
25. FREE DAY! Choose whatever topic you like.
26. A character you used to love, but now dislike
27. A character you wanted to love, but couldn't
28. Favorite female character
29. Favorite male character
30. Favorite character of all-time

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