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Song por Avril Lavigne, video por kyrakun. Kitten vs. Starfire, a fight over Robin. It's the uneditted version of Girlfriend, so watch out.
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Scarlet saw that Robin was not joking. He may be short but he was being real. He refused to back done. So she wouldn't ethier.
"Hmmm...I'm gonna have to get back to tu on that. I don't think I can betray him." Scarlet dicho with a hint of joking tone. This only made Robin even más mad than he was.
"If tu know what's good for you, you'll tell me." he dicho in a demanding voice. Scarlet just laughed,"And tu call yourself the good guy!!"
Robin just got closer. "We are. If we weren't then we would have abonded tu on the traintrack where tu fell at. It's the least tu could do!!!"
Scarlet looked...
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