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posted by TDIfangirl
"I can't beileve you're making me work with HIM!" Heather yelled. "Are tu just trying to piss me off?! o maybe you're just another one of those idiots who think I like him! Well I DON'T!"
"Heather," Ms. Collins said, trying to calm down her student. "This has absolutely nothing to do with tu and Alejandro's rumored romance. And if tu talk to me in that manner again, you're going to find yourself in ISS, young lady. Now sit."
The girl grumbled and sat siguiente to the afromentioned Latino, who struggled to yell at her and kiss her at the same time.
It was annoying to amor someone who was annoying....
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posted by DxCfanlover
Alejandro's POV

It was late at night.I was on a fecha with "Mi Angel".Yep,only Heather and me.

Alejandro: enjoying,Mi angel
Heather:*blushing* it's great
Alejandro: I know that tu amor it
Heather:you know that is true
After 1 hour...
Heather:That meal was just great!!!
Alejandro:yeah,it was!!!
Then we went to the park...Heather was just beautiful!!!

Heather's POV

we had a great meal!!! and know we are in the park!!! this día is perfect!!!

Heather:this is perfect!!!
Alejandro: isn't it?
we both look.his eyes were blowing...he was...he was*dreamly look*
Alejandro:*whispering*Kiss me
then we make out
Alejandro:oh my love,my beautiful evil love
Heather: I amor you
Alejandro: I amor tu too Mi angel

posted by TDIfangirl
"You know the only reason I'm not hanging with my team right now is because Cody got rabies from those ant bites."
Heather painted her nails, while stroking Alejandro's chest. She looked up at him.
"What?" Alejandro asked; he dropped the piece of paper he was holding. Heather quickly snatched it up. "Why is everyone's names on this list, and why are Bridgette, Leshawna, and Harold's names crossed out?"
"And why is my name last??"
"That's just-
"I know a I'm-gonna-pick-off-everyone-one-by-one lista when I see one! I should know because I WROTE ONE!"

"Alejandro!" The girl stood up. "You TOLD...
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