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Freaxxx posted on Apr 15, 2011 at 06:54PM
Ok, I've seen RP's all over this site and I wanna bring it to this club >:)
But there's different rules from the other ones.

In the others you have to act as one person and other people as other people and you cannot control each-others OCs, in this one everyone can either be Noah and or Cody.
For example; One person: Cody kisses Noah on the cheak. Other person: Noah blushes and Cody blinks.

But you can talk and all that xP

Try to keep it PG-13 ;P ...but you don't have to sinse in this club, every member is die-hard and likes it to get hot and spicey n_n


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hace más de un año Freaxxx said…
big smile
I shall start.

Noah woke up one day and decided to go eat at the diner around the block.
He's 16 right now and he can finally drive.
He gets in his car and is on his way, but once he gets there he finds the one person he's always liked...Cody.

Cody: ...Noah? Hey...
hace más de un año luz-anwar-light said…
Cody: ...Why do you sit here?

Noah doesn't, really, wanted to with him. It's not that the doesn't liked Cody, he is a nice person and all that! It's just that have listened some rumors about cody and some else... but, well, say that he just can't to sit him alone is stupid so he agreed and walk to the cody's table. Also that, anyway rumors are only rumors.

Awesome idea!!! I'm excited to be what great story, we all the NoCo fans, can make!
hace más de un año Freaxxx said…
Come on people!!! Let's make a story!

Noah: Just wanted

Cody blushes.
hace más de un año SodaPopCake said…
Cody: About w-what?

He blushed redder.
hace más de un año Errr said…
*noah's mind*

oh great those rumours again in my head, but look a the guy is too sweet for doing that, he is...he is even blushing!,...too cute for just leave him like that, and hes still my friend,and now is blushing deeper , crap i should be talk.

''oh nothing special how have you been cody'' i said with a smirk on my face.

''uh well, not so good, know my friends are avoiding me and i have no idea why, but hehe at least i'm happy you're not one of those."

i feel a lump in my throat, i need to tell him.
hace más de un año TDI_Angel said…
Noah: Cody, there have been a few rumors going around...
Cody: Yeah? About what?
Noah: *trying to sound uncaring* Nothing. Just a few crazy people who think that, um...
hace más de un año Courtneyfan785 said…
Cody: *stares into Noah's eyes* Think Your What?
hace más de un año Freaxxx said…
Noah: *blushes a bit but tries not to show his axiety* Umm, no, just that...well they think we're...not -just- friends...

Cody gulps and blinks twice, he doesn't understand completely but he's got a hint.

Cody: You mean...

Noah: Yeah...