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For the people who actually remember this story, Cudos to tu cause I almost forgot. I actually wrote this when I was ten so please don't judge if it has a mistake o whatever in it. Just enjoy if tu like it, and leave it alone if tu don't. Thanks :)

Ahh, high school. I took in my surroundings as I entered the newly built building and towards my locker.

The 'Welcome to RidgeWood' sign was still hung above the main entrance, there was still little splashes of glitter near the gym floor from our last school dance, (which of course I didn't go...
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Could we be more? (chapter1)
So I’ve been lectura GwenxDuncan fanfiction lately, and I decided to write one of my own! Basically, they’re 17, they’re in high school, and Total Drama never happened. I’m really excited about this, so I hope tu guys that are lectura this enjoy it. I’ll probably continue, but not if I don’t get at least one review (so if tu like it, please write me a few nice words).


I awoke to a very annoying beep. I groaned groggily, still half asleep, and banged on my alarm clock until the beeping ceased. I literally rolled out of cama and fell...
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