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Duncan: I object
Trent: what!
Gwen: huh
Duncan: I object because I am in amor with Gwendolyn
Trent: Gwendolyn?
Duncan: tu don't know her name
Gwen: I amor tu duncan
Trent: I told tu never to say that tu fuckin retard!
Gwen: what did tu call me
Trent: um.....
Gwen punches trent
Gwen: don't call me that tu son of a bitch
Duncan and gwen share a kiss
Everyone: awwwwww
Duncan: will tu marry me gwen?
Trent: no
Gwen: yes
Trent: nooooo
Duncan kicks trent
Duncan: shut up
And gwen and duncan live happily ever after and if tu wonder what happened to Trent lets say i gave him the worst time of his life

Bye everyone
Duncan's P.O.V

Well this sucks. I woke up with a nasty cold from the rain last night on Gwen's special day. I looked at the clock. I have an hora to plan Gwen's birthday breakfast. I got dressed and woke all of the dudes. "Dude, it's like 6:00 in the morning." Geoff complained. "I need help for Gwen's birthday breakfast guys." I exclaimed. "Today's Gwen's birthday?" DJ asked. "Yeah, now c'mon guys." I ordered. On my way through the door, I started coughing. "I think tu should sit this one out bromigo, tu look pale." Alejandro assured me. "No, nothing is going to stop me from celebrating Gwen's...
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-----chapter 3-----
---Gwen's P.O.V.---
So Duncan, Courtney went up the pyramid with me but Cortney and me kept fighting the whole way up and that was really bad cuz just por looking at Duncan's face, means it was not good at all!
---Duncan's P.O.V.---
Cortney and Gwen were fighting the whole way up the pyramid and it was so annoying! But when we got to the parte superior, arriba I kinda over reacted alittle... I dicho "THAT'S IT I CAN'T HANDLE THESE TWO ANY LONGER! I QUIT!!!! YA HEAR McLean?!?" I went running down to him saying those words while dragging Cortney and Gwen behind me. When I got to the bottom Chris's...
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posted by Dugwen4ever
-----chapter 2-----
---Duncan's thoughts---
When Chris dicho that his part of the plane was off "LIMITS" then glared at me, I rolled my eyes then saw Gwen chuckle. I smiled and raised my brow at her, she smiled back and waved at me then Cortney snapped in my face and gave a glare at Gwen. Gwen just rolled her eyes at Cortney. So our first challenge is to go to Egypt o somethin like that? Chris is making us sing in like every challenge but he should know that I don't sing AT ALL!!!!!! Under any circumstances!
---Gwen's thoughts---
Earlier when Duncan smiled at me it wasn't like a fake smile it was...
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-----Chapter 1-----
---Gwen's thoughts---
So I just got here and what do I see? Chris with a microphone just waiting to scream the heck out of us, he says "Welcome back campers o should I say passengers!" Then I see a huge rusty old broken plane behind me and say "What is that?!". He says "That's what you'll be staying in for the siguiente 8 weeks! Anywho there's a first class, a economy class, dining area, a elimination room and my part of the plane which is off LIMITS, got it Duncan?!?" Duncan just rolls his eyes then looks at me smiles and raises his unibrow. I smiled and waved at him then Cortney snapped in his face and glared at me. I rolled my eyes at her.
posted by isabellarocks
I need some help I want to make another articulo and I need ideas so if tu have any put the suggestion in the comentarios and I might just add tu into the story for the parte superior, arriba 3 suggestions not really meaning the fist three commenters just the 3 best comentarios yeah just three so quickly hurry and state what character what scenes and what part would tu like to be ( the helper the saver ect. ) so comentario comentario comentario and if tu have a great idea but I have written another story still put it down in the comentarios and tu will still get credit bye spand don't forget to comment!
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duncans pov
so i jumped out the window and ran to the guys cabin. geoff was there with a smirk on his face.
geoff: duncan.
geoff: soo, whats up with tu and gwen?
his smirk turned into an evil smile.
me:uuuummmm, nothing why?
geoff:cuz i heard some noises coming from the girls cabin. and those noises sounded like tu guys having .....
me: OK SHUT UP. yes we did it! ok tu happy now.
geoff: yes, get on dude. tu finally got her!
(fist bump)
me:well i don't know if were dating i just know that she doesn't like Elvis.
geoff: wow i'll go talk to her.
duncan:GEOFF wait! ggggggrrrrrr
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Gwen's POV:

The blaring of the bullhorn once again woke me up, although this time I didn't fall out of my bunk.

"We've got to burn that thing." LeShawna dicho from her bottom bunk as I climbed down from my parte superior, arriba one.

"Agreed." I said. Once reaching the floor, I looked around and noticed that the Killer Cavemen girls were all here except for Izzy. "Uh, has anyone seen Izzy?" I asked, scanning the room with my eyes in an attempt to locate the locate the psycho redhead.

"She didn't come with us to the concierto last night." Bridgette dicho as she wearily pulled her camisa de entrenamiento, sudadera over her head. Her eyes had...
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A sound like a siren jolted me up out of my bed, and caused me to literally roll out of it. The right half of my body was stunned for a moment, taking time to absorb the shock.

"I'm so going to kill Chris, and then clobber that bullhorn for dessert!" I dicho through my gritted teeth.

"That didn't sound like Kyle's bullhorn." Lindsay dicho as she rubbed her blonde hair in the bunk under Heather's, who was putting tons of powder on her already pale face. She was dabbing most of it underneath her puffy eyes.

"Who else would it be, Lindsiot?" Courtney screamed at her. Lindsay scooted backwards on her...
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Chapter 1: Creepy Text Messages
Gwen POV
(Texting Duncan)
Duncan: hola Sunshine
Gwen: Hey
Duncan: Wanna go to a movie?
Gwen: I'm really sorry Duncan, but I'm really not in a mood.
Gwen POV
Duncan didn't text for like 10 minutes. Then I heard the door campana ring. I went to the door. It was Duncan.
Duncan: What's wrong?
Gwen: (laughs) Oh my gosh. Couldn't tu just text me what was wrong. Instead of just coming all the way over here just to ask me.
Duncan: Well if something's wrong with my sunshine, I have to be there in person to comfort her.
Gwen: Well some creep keeps texting me scary things. The number is blocked, it says unknown.
Duncan: mostrar me the texts.
Duncan POV
Who could be doing this, it's like it's threatening her.
The texts dicho stuff like: Watch your back, o sleep with one eye open tonight. Whoever is doing this looses an eyes.
(Gwen's phone rings)
Text: I'm coming for tu ;)
(Hears window break)
gwen pov:I instantly feel in amor with trent the minuto i saw his face and guitar.He was a goody two shoes but i feel face over combat boots.But i also feel terible for cheating on him but it was only once and he dosn't know. I slept with duncan! And im not going to lie duncan was good.So it all happened at total drama island so i was in the girls alone when duncan came to my cabina with snacks edible snacks when we were talkin when i went over to get a tissue when i triped on heathers heels when my falda blu up and duncan saw my panties so he laughed and we stared laughing when suddenly he...
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Gwen P.O.V.

I was at the bus stop waiting for Duncan,instead my boyfriend Trent came.

Trent:Hey Gwen!
Gwen:Hey Tre-
Trent:Where were you?
Trent:Yesterday,when I asked if tu wanted to go to the park tu dicho tu already had plans.
Gwen:I did.
Trent:With who?


Duncan:Hurry Gwen were gonna miss the movie!
Duncan:What's wrong?
Gwen:*signs*It's just that I haven't been spending alot of time with Trent and he might think I'm cheating on him o whatever with you.
Duncan:*Puts arm around Gwen*Don't worry Sweetheart everything's gonna be fine.C'mon...
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The room was quiet, other than the ticking of the clock that seemed to taunt them with its noise. Cody, Sierra, and Gwen sat around a mesa, tabla in the middle of the cocina silently. Noah’s body had already been taken to the morgue back at the library.

“So what do we do now?” Cody asks looking up from his arms and breaking the silence.

It took a while for Gwen to respond as she was almost in another trance. “I-I don’t know…I’m not sure if we can even stop this anymore.”

“Of course we can, tu dicho it yourself, we just have to intervene, that’s all right?” Sierra says with a...
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The Kids Don’t Know

Chapter 1

Meeting the Grays

    “Elle Danni Gray! Get Down here NOW!” My mom shouted. Mom and Dad don’t live together anymore and I amor that. I hate my dad, to be honest. My mom knows it too. “Coming!” I shouted. I walked down stairs to see a great shock. My brother, Dominic, was here. My twin brother. “Hi.” he said. It was very dull, like he wasn’t happy to be here. “Dude! Why are tu here? Duncan is your parent!” I said. It sounded más get-out-now than I meant it too. He dicho “This is the make-up día for when I was sick. Don’t...
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(So close to the end. Makes me sad :'( )

The siguiente day, Duncan and I were sitting in economy while Alejandro and Heather were plotting in first class. Duncan was still sleeping, and I was sketching, well, trying to with Chef's shitty flying. I was too preoccupied to notice Duncan pulling the parte superior, arriba of my sketch pad down to look at what I was drawing. I quickly pulled it back and closed it. I may be good, but I don't like being complimented that much on my art. I shoved the pad back into my bag, then I looked back at Duncan. He was laying on his back on the bench. I walked over to him and laid down...
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