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TRENT'S FAV SONG!!! not mine! She will be Loved por Maroon 5
This is not mine. THis is a video i found on youtube. It describes that Trent and Gwen need a miracle that miracle is that they get together. In our Hearts that miracle still lives
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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa everyone!! (:

Gwen's pov!

"I'll take good care of them, don't tu worry." A pretty blonde headed girl smiled to my mother. "Just remember that the 'do and don'ts' lista is on the fridge. Have a good night." She grabbed her capa and bolso, monedero and left behind the closed door. I looked at my two brothers, Jake and Daniel, who were playing with their blocks like nothing was happening. "What are tu guys doing? There's an imposter in our house!" I whisper-yelled at them. "What are tu talking about, Gwen? That's our babysitter." Jake rolled his eyes...
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When Trent finally got inicial he parked his motorcycle outside of his garage. He went into his house,threw off his casco and headed into his room. There, he took off his leather chaqueta and slammed it on the ground.
After that,he sat down on his bed,put his hands on his face and cried. He felt really sad and lonely. misery and despare had finally got to him.

Trent's POV: My whole life blows! Not only did I leave my friends behind but I lost everything! I lost my girlfriend to a total b@$^@#d. I lost my nerve to mostrar my face to public and I lost my dignity to go on living! I feel like such a jackass,...
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Gwen's pov!

"Have a great day, Gwen."My 2nd grade teacher smiled, handing me por backpack and waved as I walked off towards home. I might be young and all, but who's parents make tu walk inicial when you're only 7 old? One of the meanest kids in school bumped into me on purpose and I landed in a puddle of water. "Smooth move, stupid girl."He had a tug of war with me for my backpack and he won roaring in laughter at his achievement and my loss. "Later looser."He rode off on his bike splattering water all over my face as he did so. I stood up out of the puddle and continued my walk home, hearing...
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