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posted by pixicracker
~Bridgette's POV~

So it's been a week since Geoff and I "almost kissed" and we haven't spoken since. This what I hate about dating close friends, one break up could end the friendship. So I texted Geoff, on my new Flip Fone (remember this is in '05)

To: Geoff
From: Bridgette

Message: Hi Geoff I wanted 2 tell u that we should pretend the kiss never almost happened so we can still be friends.

I waited for his reply. minutos passed with no answer. Until there was a knock at the door. It was Geoff.

Geoff: I brought the movie, is it okay that I'm here?

Me: Of course. So did tu get my text?

Geoff: No,...
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posted by Isabella121797
My P.O.V.
Ok so im used to escritura about Duncan and Courtney but I really like Bridget and Geoff to! So here goes nothing! (they may be short)

Geoff's P.O.V
MAN! im such a idiot! How could I let her go like that?!? I cant believe she thought I would cheat on her? That girl totally jumped all over me! I didnt even know who she was! All I know now is I have to get her back!

Bridget's P.O.V
WHY?!? why me.....why do all the guys I go for always cheat in the end? Am I ugly o something! Good thing Courtney is here to help she knows a thing o two about this!
Courtney: Its gonna be okay! Listen Bridget...
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posted by pixicracker
Okay we are introducing some new characters to the story. We are meeting Duncan, Bridgette's sister and Gwen one of Geoff's friends. And thats all.

~Gwen's POV~

Alright I'm kinda new to these things. So uh, hola I'm Gwen and I've known Geoff for a while now. I haven't seen him for at least five years. I called him the other night. He mentioned something about his girlfriend Bridgette. Now I remember him mentioning Bridgette before, but never as his real girlfriend. I decided to visit him today. I wanted to meet this girl. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Geoff, I just don't want him to get hurt....
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