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thesimpleleaf posted on Oct 08, 2006 at 09:26PM
So I want to get some long sleeve t-shirts for an upcoming business event. Have any of you used these online services - cafepress/zazzle/custom-ink, etc.? If so, any recommendations would be most appreciated. It'll be a pretty low volume order.
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hace más de un año dave said…
Hey simple,

Michael and I have both used CafePress in the past. I'd recommend them. Good service and the quality is solid too. Plus I think they're cheaper than Zazzle because as the maker you get them at cost, and Zazzle isn't like that I don't think.
hace más de un año thesimpleleaf said…
Thanks! I think I'm leaning towards customInk now because they have more color choices (I need a chocolate brown t-shirt), as well as some nice text effects. I'm going to give them a try I think.
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