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My parte superior, arriba 10 countdown for those who are curious as to why your Sam and Dean Girls are slowly converting over to the ♥Cas side

10. Trenchcoat - Because no one can rock a Trenchcoat like Cas. Not even Tommy Lee
 See even Cas knows he rocks más than Tommy
See even Cas knows he rocks más than Tommy

9. Jimmy Novak - Whose vessel is as sweet a man as Jimmy?

8. His name is Castiel!! - I'm sorry but I think he has the most AWESOMEST (if that's even a word, I don't care coz that's how awesome it is) name on the show!

7. He's clueless - Sometimes he's so clueless it's adorable. Like he doesn't understand why people lie when they want to...
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The door to the intensive care opened por itself and an instant later it closed again. Balthazar became visible and stepped slowly to the cama Cas was lying in. There was a bandage around his head, and some kind of masker around his nose and mouth, attached to a ventilation device.
“I am so sorry, Castiel” Balthazar whispered as he lay his hand on the machine. “But I have no choice”
“What are tu doing?” Anna asked sharp. Without turning around Balthazar mumbled: “Please, leave, Anna. I have to do this. Crowley will kill me if I don’t”
Anna walked to him with fierce steps. “If...
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Alarmed por the blast Heather shoved the curtains in her living room aside. “Oh my God” she dicho shocked as she saw Meg’s body lying on the street. She ran outside, while she searched for her phone. When she realize she didn’t have it on her, she signed at a few passengers. “Don’t just stand there like some kind of idiots. Call 911!” she yelled angry.
She kneeled siguiente to Meg and lifted her T-shirt. She turned away and covered her mouth. There was an awful lot of blood.
Five minutos later the ambulancia was driving to the hospital. Heather searched through Meg’s bolso, monedero and conjured...
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“What was it?” Meg asked sharp, forcing Cas to look at her por grabbing his shoulders. “What did Heather give you? If it’s something dangerous…You know medicine can kill you, don’t you? If tu take too much of it”
Cas freed himself and turned around. “Yes, I know that. I am not stupid” he snapped, while he rubbed his fingers. “I don’t know what Heather gave me. All I know is that the pain is gone and isn’t that exactly what we wanted?”
“Well, if tu don’t know then I guess I’ll have to ask someone who does” Meg replied cold. She turned around and wanted to leave...
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This was the only awkward part, once the heat of pleasure had worn of we both realized that we were sitting naked in a freezing room, the chill was coming off the walls in waves, then came the rush to get back into our precious clothes, I managed to get mine on first, and showed some tenderness por helping her clamber back into hers, I held her for a moment and rubbed her arms, when I could tell that she was satisfied I pulled back, kissed her deeply and gestured to the stairs with my head, saying, I should probably go check on Ella, she nodded, understanding what I meant. Gently I let her go...
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These are some reasons why I amor "Supernatural"
from 10-1

10. Baby.When John handed down, to Dean, his 1967 Chevy Impala. Dean drives this beautiful piece of American car engineering around the country. The el maletero, tronco is big enough for an entire arsenal of evil fighting tools, such as stakes, salt, silver, shotguns, etc and other things like the boys gear. The back asiento is big enough to sleep in when there is no motel room in sight and maybe a few other things if the situation presents itself (remember Anna). She is a beautiful car as well as a character on the show. There are many names for Dean's...
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We want to rock in the Impala,
We want pie, and we amor pudding,
Because we know that crazy works.
We hum metallica on planes,
Keep rock salt close at hand,
And say "Cristo" to suspicious folk.

We watched Dean go to hell and back,
And when Castiel raised him from Perdition,
Another amor entered our lives.
We stuck with Sam through his addiction,
Though watching it broke our hearts.
We cheered as Dean killed Zachariah,
And cried when Sammy dived into the pit.

We watch these two brothers battle against all odds,
As they fight against destiny, heaven and hell.
We've watched them die for each other,
And kill for each other.
We feel their pain,
And when their hearts are broken,
Ours break with them.
We agonise over season finales;
They leave us filled with questions,
And dying for more.

We can quote episodes,
We can name episodes,
And we watch them repeatedly.
We are supernatural fans,
And we amor it.
To start off, this isn't an articulo meant to badtalk Sam, I was just thinking about why I don't like him as much as I like Dean.
What got me thinking was a pick on the Winchester Spot link
The options were:

Dean's ability of protecting Sam at any cost <3
Dean's unique style
His looks ;)
He's a tough guy / bad-boy
Dean's humor XD
All valid reasons why I like Dean, but none of them really explained why I didn't like Sam(not that I hate him!). He's intelligent and brave; handsome and charming. So why don't I like him as much?

When I thought about it for a bit, I realized that I could...
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Do tu agree with this lista o would tu have a different parte superior, arriba 5 me personally I would have Dean as no1 and sam in that lista too :)

100. Scorpius from Farscape
99. Nicholas Rush
98. Annie from Being Human (UK)
97. Baby Doll from Sucker puñetazo, ponche
96. Captain America
95. Jack O'Neill
94. Hellboy
93. Sarah Connor
92. The Green Lantern
91. Optimus Prime
90. Lafayette from True Blood
89. Dumbledore
88. Gollum
87. bones from estrella Trek
86. Captain John Hart from Torchwood
85. Martha Jones from Doctor Who
84. Kelly Bailey from Misfits
83. Severus Snape
82. Rose Tyler from Doctor Who
81. Kat from Red Dwarf...
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posted by shomill
 "Earth angel, Earth angel, will tu be mine?"
"Earth angel, Earth angel, will you be mine?"
For three years, Sam and Dean Winchester had fought ghosts, demons, witches, werewolves, and vampires. Then a new creature arrived on the scene: Castiel, an ángel of the Lord.

Castiel (or Cas, as Dean affectionately calls him) was the one who “gripped [Dean] tight and raised him from perdition” after Dean went to hell. Since Cas is an ángel with an ultrasonic voice and a form like a bright flash of lightning the size of the Chrysler Building, Cas used the body of family man Jimmy Novak as his vessel so that he could interact with humans without burning their eyes o breaking their eardrums....
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posted by Supernatural67
 The effect of Castiel appearing out of nowhere right beside someone.
The effect of Castiel appearing out of nowhere right beside someone.
There are characters in the supernatural series that tu either amor o hate. This articulo just asks tu to tell us who tu hate o love. There are so many characters to choose from, that it makes it hard to pick. From the tough as nails Dean and Sam, to the evil and deadly Meg and the Yellow Eyed Demon. There's also Gordon, Bobby and John. The lista goes on. There was lesser characters in the show, such as Travis, the hunter. If you're really desperate to find someone tu amor from the show, there's even the hilarious Ghostfacers! All tu have to do is pick your favorito! character, o the one tu hate the most, and LEAVE A comentario telling us who that person is.

más artículos coming soon.
 The boys working out their gameplan.
The boys working out their gameplan.
 If there's one thing Dean and Sam hate, it's these guys.
If there's one thing Dean and Sam hate, it's these guys.
Alrighty-roo, all tu Deangirls, Samgirls and Slashfans out there! It's the moment we've all been waiting for....*engine rumbles*....get ready for it....*engine revs*....this is it.....*engine roars*'s 67impala!!!!!

1. When and why did tu start watching Supernatural?
I started watching a año ago. My sister kept telling me it was a great show, and even though I had quite an interest in the supernatural itself, I thought, nah, any TV series about it is bound to be dumb. Was I wrong! I was at her place and she finally made me sit down and watch the first dvd of Season 1. Right from...
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 ..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
Hello SPN enamorados and welcome to the new, great and wonderful get to know better the fans fun time. The first winner is our one and only Kiaya, who has been adding countless stuff about the mostrar so the rest of us can enjoy the world of Supernatural more. Congrats on the winning and keep adding!

And now, on with the questions!

1. Is supernatural an underrated show? And why tu are part of the underground cult that follows it? :D

Yes, I think it is considered a underrated show. Because it’s a great mostrar and always leaving tu wanting más :]

2. If supernatural was to receive an Oscar, which category...
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1. tu have the lyrics of 'Carry On My Wayward Son' memorized
2. tu say "Son of a Bitch" más often when bad things happen
3. tu try to find and own every single piece of supernatural merchandise out there
4. When tu see "Pig in a Poke" on the Breakfast menu, tu know not to order sausage with it
5. tu hum 'Heat of the Moment' every Tuesday
6. Your not afraid to wear anything with plaid
7. tu have to tell everyone when tu see a '67 Chevy Impala
8. It is required to attend at least one supernatural Convention in your lifetime
9. tu quote when with another supernatural fan más often than one...
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 A fallen ángel gets back her grace
A fallen angel gets back her grace
When tu think of angels, do tu think of a bright, beautiful, white light; widespread, feathery wings; long, white robes; a glowing, golden halo; maybe even a beautiful soprano song? Not if you’re a fan of the TV mostrar Supernatural.

Angels in the world of the CW’s supernatural are not your garden-variety, navidad tree-topping men of light. They’re powerful, self-righteous soldiers of heaven. They glow with a brilliant light that burns out the eyes of any human who sees their true form. They speak with an almost ultrasonic voice that busts human eardrums, screws up radio waves, and breaks...
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You're Fanatic now! How does it feel?

Fantastic! My first reaction was heard even in my neighborhood :) I almost began that "I want to say thanks to my mum, hairstylist and my dog" speech because it really felt like I'd got an Oscar! I've been waiting for this medal for so long and now I have to thank everyone (again) for rating my contributions :)

How did tu get this medal? How long did it take you?

It took me one year. I've been fanpopping since june 2008. It's a tough competition here so tu need to do your best to find and subir something rare and worth rating.I also have to mention that...
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posted by Lucia322
Dean: Whoa, easy, tiger.
Sam: Dean? (Dean laughs)
Sam: (breathing heavily) tu scared the crap out of me.
Dean: That's because you're out of practice. (Sam retaliates, pinning Dean down)
Dean: (laughs) o not. Get off me.
Sam: What the hell are tu doing here?
Dean: I was looking for a beer.
Sam: ...What the hell are tu doing here?
Dean: Okay, alright. We gotta talk.
Sam: Um...the phone?
Dean: If I had called, would tu have picked up?
(Jess in a tight blue Smurf camisa, camiseta and short white panties) Dean: I amor the Smurfs. tu know, I gotta tell you, tu are completely out of my brother's league.
Jess: Just...
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posted by shomill
 Well, sweetheart, I don't do shorts.
Well, sweetheart, I don't do shorts.
Dean: tu wanna drive for a while?

Sam: tu planning on using that for a hook-up o something?

Dean: Since when are tu all “shoot first, and ask preguntas later”, anyway?

Dean: “Corporeal”? Excuse me, Professor.
Sam: Shut up.

Dean: No, we go with her, we protect her, and we keep our eyes peeled for our fuzzy predator friend.
Sam: So finding Dad’s not enough? Now we gotta babysit, too?

Haley: Apparently, this is all the Park Service could come up with for a buscar and rescue.

Haley: And you’re hiking out in biker boots and jeans?
Dean: Well, sweetheart, I don’t do shorts.

Dean: Tell me,...
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posted by suiteheartamy
This is from my quizilla account. I hope y'all enjoy it~

Prompt: "Sam Winchester is a pretty, pretty princess."


"Yeah, Sammy?"

A small, pale face popped up over the edge of the couch. Large, blue-green eyes were focused on his big brother, who gave a sigh as he looked up to meet the younger boy's eyes. "What's up?"

The little one, Sammy, got up from his spot ont he sofá and walked over to where his brother was. He pulled out a chair and sat, avoiding Dean's wary gaze.

"When is dad coming back?" Sam finally looked up, raising a hand to his mouth in order to gnaw at his finger. It was a nervous...
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Jimmy closed the door of the hospital behind him. He was lucky it was dark. His hospital delantal would’ve been very noticeable in broad daylight. Nevertheless he needed clothes. He couldn’t travel in hospital clothes. People might think he’s some nutcase who escaped. He started window shopping, staying in the shadows.
After a while he came across a clothing shop. He looked around to make sure no one was looking his direction. Then he grabbed a flowerpot from the window-ledge and threw it through the window. The glass shattered and Jimmy jumped inside, while the alarm was howling. He quickly...
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