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supernatural Cast Whose Character do tu like more?

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 yashar_safavi posted hace más de un año
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joose32 picked Castiel's:
I like Castiels character especially in season 5 I mean Sam n Dean were my favs from the begining to season 4 along with Bobby wen he came on but I think Castiels character gets more interestin with the season n him becoming more human tz jst so funny to watch him sometimes so yeah. Plus Castiels a kick ass name, I'm just saying ;)
posted hace más de un año.
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SamWlove picked Sam's:
Woot sammy ... He's more interesting with the whole evil thing =) oh yeh and he's the hottest man to walk the earth!
posted hace más de un año.
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Ginn picked Dean's:
And Cass... SUPER-AWESOME!!^^
posted hace más de un año.