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KatieK102 posted on Sep 12, 2015 at 03:22AM
Falconstar-(KatieK102) - handsome black tom with dark gray chest and dark green eyes (Mate: Sweetbriar)

Wrenflight (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown tom with a golden chest and underbelly with amber eyes (Mate: Shiverwind)

Medicine Cats:
Slightfeather (KatieK102) - dark gray tom with darker patches and green eyes (Temporary mentor) (Mate: Creedstorm)
Swamppaw (Tanglebelly) - black and orange tom with a white freckled face and gold eyes
Pebblepaw (KatieK102) - tan and white tom with blue eyes

Creedstorm (TeamPeeta649) - dark brown she-cat with patchy black stripes all over, a white chin and seafoam green eyes (Mate: Slightfeather)
Redshadow (TeamPeeta649) - massive reddish-brown tabby tom with black stripes, paws, ears and muzzle and lavender eyes (Mate: Mistybreeze)
Duskstorm (KatieK102) - large, creamy-colored tabby tom with a white chest, underbelly, two white paws, and dark blue eyes (Mate: Frecklenose) (Apprentice: Buckpaw)
Berryfrost (KatieK102) - ginger she-cat with white nose and pretty green eyes, and a large scar across her shoulder (Mate: Strongbreeze) (Apprentice: Driftpaw)
Sunheart (Tanglebelly) - orange tom with white flecks and green eyes
Darkmist (TeamPeeta649) - white and black tom with gold eyes
Shiverwind (KatieK102)- pretty white she-cat with pale gray patches and frosty blue eyes (Mate: Wrenflight)
Strongbreeze (Tanglebelly) - black tom with white paws and tail tip, and amber eyes (Mate: Berryfrost) (Apprentice: Badgerpaw)
Sweetbriar (TeamPeeta649) - white she-cat with brown spots and amber eyes (Mate: Falconstar) (Apprentice: Flamepaw)
Frecklenose (TeamPeeta649) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat with a black freckled nose with brown eyes (Mate: Duskstorm)
Flintstripe (tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with a large fluffy white chest and underbelly and white toes with brown eyes (Mate: Treetail)
Treetail (TeamPeeta649) - brown tom with large black stripes, long legs and blue eyes (Mate: Flintstripe) (Apprentice: Cloudpaw)
Foxclaw (Tanglebelly) - ginger tom with a white muzzle and pale green eyes (Mate: Bloodmoon)
Ambershade (KatieK102) - golden tabby she-cat with white on her muzzle, chest and paws, green eyes
Tanglewhisker (Tanglebelly)-black tom with golden tabby stripes, green eyes, and a single white paw (Apprentice: Ivorypaw)
Bloodmoon (TeamPeeta694) - dark brown she-cat with reddish paws and muzzle and green eyes (Mate: Foxclaw)
Dewspots - pure white she-cat with pale blue eyes
Thundersky (KatieK102) - muscular stone grey tabby she-cat with tan stripes and paws, and piercing hazel eyes
Blacksun (TeamPeeta694) - orange tom with black legs and green eyes
Sunflowernose (TeamPeeta694) - orange tortoiseshell she-cat and a white mask and green eyes
Pantherleap (TeamPeeta649) - grey, white and tan calico she-cat with hazel eyes

Buckpaw (Tanglebelly) - dark brown tom with grey stripes and blue eyes
Badgerpaw (TeamPeeta694) - grey and tan tom with a long tail and hazel eyes
Driftpaw(Tanglebelly) - white and brown tom with a light grey freckled muzzle and green eyes
Cloudpaw (KatieK101) - fluffy white she-cat with bright blue eyes
Flamepaw (Tanglebelly) - orange tabby tom with blue eyes
Ivorypaw (TeamPeeta694) - creamy white tom with brown eyes



Scorchgaze (TeamPeeta649) - large, muscular orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Hushpool (TeamPeeta649) - muscular light tan she-cat with dark brown paws and green eyes (Mate: Skyheart)
Skyheart (Tanglebelly) - lean grey tom with blue eyes (Mate: Hushpool)
Featherwing (TeamPeeta649) - light grey tom with white stripes, a long fluffy tail, and icy blue eyes (Mate: Crowtail)
Crowtail (Tanglebelly) - muscular jet black tom with blue eyes (Mate: Featherwing)
Mistybreeze (KatieK102) - slender gray tabby she-cat with one white paw, tail tip and blue eyes (Mate: Redshadow) retired early


Current Season: New-Leaf
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hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
Or else what? *grinds up against her back*

*nods* Better then that den was getting to warm for me!

i like how happy everything here is compared to Goldenclan
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
Or else I'll crush you when I get fat. *tugs lightly on his neck* -Frecklenose

I could get you warmer. *grins* -Treetail

Yeeeea GoldenClan still has some issues haha
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
Hmm that doesnt sound that bad,

Oh you wouldnt do that would you?
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
Keep teasing me and you'll find out! *licks his nose* You're only allowed to tease if you actually take me after. -Frecklenose

*licks his head* We should probably give your body a rest though. -Treetail
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
Oh ill take you up on that offer. *licks her neck soothingly*

*chuckles* Probably but it wouldnt hurt that much would it?
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*purrs and stretches out* -Frecklenose

I'd hope not! -Treetail
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
So then whats the problem with warming me up big guy? *laughs*

nuzzles her neck* You smell like flowers.
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*licks his ears* I like to keep myself nice for you. -Frecklenose

I'm just wanting to make sure I'm not putting too much strain on you. -Treetail
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
What you think you are going to break that easily? *nudges him playfully*

*keeps his nose in her fur* I love it. *purrs* Almost as much as rabbit eyes.
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*laughs softly* I hope you can love our kits more than you love rabbit eyes. -Frecklenose

Hey you never know! -Treetail
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
Hmm might be hard but i know ill convince them to love eating them.

Hmm? *licks his neck* Dont think i can?
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
Not if I can help it! *purrs* -Frecklenose

Are you wanting to prove yourself? -Treetail
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
What? Are you going to shield them from a delicious meal?

*shrugs* Maybe i do maybe i dont.
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
I wouldn't describe rabbit eyes as delicious. *paws him playfully* -Frecklenose

*licks his cheek* it's up to you, love. -Treetail
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
*Smiles at him gratefully* "Thank you, Darkmist. He's certainly trying..." ~ Mistybreeze

*Shrugs* "No idea. Tigerfang is probably the source of it, whatever it is." ~ Berryfrost

*Shakes herself when Amberkit climbs off, and flicks a piece of moss off with her tail* "Rude." ~ Mousekit

*Yawns as he blinks himself awake, burrrowing his face deeper into Sweetbriar's pelt* ~ Falconstar
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*purrs* I was just trying to tease you but to no avail! *looks around camp* Ugh i wonder if im suppose to be on any patrols.

Well i would and our kits are going to love them!

*raises an eye* Hey Berryfrost i know its none of my business but have you ever tried to talk to Tigerfang?
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hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
We'll see about that! -Frecklenose

Think you could manage a patrol? -Treetail

*hums softly and snuggles closer to him, fitting her body against his as she continues to rest lightly* -Sweetbriar

*nods* You'd think the fact that he hasn't slaughtered any of our clanmates since he's been with us would be a good enough sign of change for everyone. -Darkmist

*licks her daughter's head* Let me tell you something Thunderkit: when it comes to love their are some cats who are just meant to be. Your father and I may not have come together until we were well into being warriors, but I believe it was StarClan's destiny for us to be together. Blackpelt and Thorntail were the same way. They were absolutely meant to be. -Hushpool
hace más de un año theWOLFPACK15 said…
(Shakes head, smiling and tackles him)-Amberkit
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"No." ~ Berryfrost

*Looks out the of the Nursery* "When do you think we'll be apprenticed? I'm tired of waiting!" ~ Mousekit

*Looks down at her and draws away, his brow furrowing.What was I doing? I shouldn't have let myself get so close to her. If someone saw us it would look like... Shakes his head and nudges her shoulder, standing to his paws* "Wake up, Sweetbriar* ~ Falconstar

"One would think," *agrees dryly* ~ Mistybreeze

"Do I have someone I'm meant to be with?" *asks, wrinkling her nose at the thought of taking a mate* "I don't want anyone!" ~ Thunderkit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*wakes slowly with a yawn* How'd you sleep? *stands to shake any grass or sand from her pelt* -Sweetbriar

I'd much rather see him padding around the camp as any other ordinary clanmate than I would seeing him fighting against us slitting our throats. *sniffs around the border* -Darkmist

*laughs* Well the beauty of choice is that even if StarClan destines you with someone you don't have to follow that path. StarClan lays out different routes for everyone, but whether you follow them or not is your own choice. -Hushpool
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"Fine. I feel much more awake now. More aware." *eyes her* "We should get back to camp." ~ Falconstar

*sighs* "Some cats just need someone to blame when things go wrong, and Red is incredably convenient. And he's not going to make a show out of defending himself because he needs cats on his side." *shakes her head* "I just don't understand why they insist on making him the enemy when he could be their ally! Even from a purely unbiased view, I would still rather fight beside him than against him." ~ Mistybreeze

*looks relieved* "Good. I don't ever want a mate." ~ Thunderkit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*nods* I had a nice time. Thank you for taking me out. *steps forward and gives him a light lick on the cheek* -Sweetbriar

I think almost everyone would agree with that statement. Not to point out the obvious, but your mate is twice the size of most ordinary cats and a clearly skilled fighter. -Darkmist

And that's completely your decision. *licks her head* I know whatever you do you'll do it to the best of your abilities and make your father and I damn proud. -Hushpool
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"Well you didn't give me much of a choice," *replies, flicking her playfully with his tail* *as he looked at her memories of their last kiss came flooding back to mind, and he resists the urge to lean forward and kiss her again* "Come on. Let's go." *turns around adruptly and starts back to camp* ~ Falconstar

"Deveastingly handsome too," *adds, a genuine smile playing across her lips* "And he's so intelligent and thoughtful and he *wants* to help. He wants to be apart of StormClan so badly..." *sighs* "But cats don't see that when they look at him. They see a massive tom and a skilled fighter with paws that are stained with blood." ~ Mistybreeze

*purrs and rubs her head against her* ~ Thunderkit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*smiles, happy that he hadn't jerked away from her* Actually I thought I'd stay a bit longer and get some training in. You can head back if you'd like; I think it'd serve me well to do some training alone. And it'll give you a break from me. Even if it's only a small one. *flicks her tail in amusement* -Sweetbriar

Well, maybe one day he'll get a chance to really show them how wrong they are. -Darkmist

*nuzzles her* Are you hungry? -Hushpool
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hace más de un año KatieK102 said…

*Pauses before nodding* "I'll tell Scorchgaze you stayed behind," *says simply before moving on.* *As he continued back to camp his mind was racing, his head replaying their kiss over and over again. Their other kisses had been nice, but none of them stuck with him like this one. I knew I should have refused her 'demands'! Ugh, StarClan, why did 'this' kiss effect me? The other ones didn't...* ~ Falconstar

*Nudges Rainpaw* "Come on, Falconstar is probably back at camp by now." ~ Shiverpaw

"I hope so. No one seems to realize that Red gave up everything he knows to join StormClan. Granted, the life he left was a terrible one, but still, to him it was familiar. StormClan is so vastly different from the Group's." ~ Mistybreeze

*Nods* "I'm starving!" ~ Thunderkit
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hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*purrs dreamily, bounding off into the forest**catches Berryfrost and Strongbreeze's scents in the patrol and follows it**climbs up into the trees, stalking them silently**crouches down on a low branch and times her leap perfectly, coming down with a soft landing on Berryfrost's back* Miss me? -Sweetbriar

It's an admirable change if you ask me. *turns at the commotion and gives a slight chuckle* -Darkmist

What would you like? -Hushpool
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
*Yelps and throws Sweetbriar off, claws instinctively sliding out* "Great StarClan, Sweetbriar!" *cuffs her ear* "You nearly gave me a heart-attack!" ~ Berryfrost

"Come to join the fun?" *calls* ~ Mistybreeze

"Mouse!" ~ Thunderkit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*laughs* Indeed I did. *sits up* My date just ended and stayed back to train by myself, but then I smelt you guys and couldn't resist causing a little trouble. *grins at her friend* -Sweetbriar

Well we could always use another set of paws on the patrol. Luckily everything seems peaceful. Let's start moving down the GoldenClan border. -Darkmist

Mouse it is then! *purrs and heads for the pile* -Hushpool
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
*Huffs* "Well, you're definitely succeeding. Come on, we're patrolling the GoldenClan border." ~ Berryfrost

"Lead the way." ~ Mistybreeze
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*starts heading down the border with them* I'll have to tell you about how the date went when we get back. *says to Berryfrost, purring happily with her tail swishing, obviously in a very good mood* -Sweetbriar

Hey we're all friends here! Want to share with the group? *teases as he leads the patrol down the border, starting to pick up even stronger scents of GoldenClan which he assumed were just from a border patrol* -Darkmist

Oh very funny. *ears flick in amusement* -Sweetbriar
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
*raises an eyebrow* "Definitely. Someone's in a good mood." ~ Berryfrost

*laughs* "Go ahead and tell us all, Sweetbriar. I don't believe that Falconstar-" *stops when they reach the border and come face to face with three GoldeClan warriors* "If this is GoldenClan trying to stage an attack, it's going to take more than three warriors to overpower us." ~ Mistybreeze

"Two warriors," *corrects her* "I'm here on official medicine cat business." ~ Slightfeather

*Stands beside him* ~ Snowdust
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*nods* Snowdust and I are only here to make sure he arrives, if permitted, and returns safely. -Burrbush

*nods briskly, he was well aware of the pact between medicine cats, so he didn't bother to question them further* Follow us. *motions for them to cross the border as he starts walking again* -Darkmist

*eyes the GoldenClan cats* Like I said, I'll tell you all about it when we get back. -Sweetbriar
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
*Dips his head* "Thank you." *Steps over the border, gesturing for Snowdust and Burrbush to follow him* ~ Slightfeather

*Follows him* ~ Snowdust

*Steps back towards Sweetbriar* "I sure hope Falconstar is in the same high spirits as you, otherwise there might be some fireworks back at camp." ~ Mistybreeze
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*follows beside Slightfeather* Well, this is a good start. *says lowly* -Burrbush

*continues leading them as camp comes into sight* -Darkmist

He seemed in a good mood before we split. *purrs softly, unable to get the dreamy look to disappear from her eyes, but she didn't know it was there to begin with* -Sweetbriar
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…

"True, but I wouldn't get too comfortable." *eyes the patrol* "Stay alert." ~ Slightfeather

*Nods, her eyes flitting around the trees and undergrowth* ~ Snowdust

*Notices the look and can't help but smile slightly* "Sweetbriar, for your sake, I hope everything works out between you two." *speeds up to walk beside Darkmist* ~ Mistybreeze

*Pads into camp, eyes narrowed with thought* ~ Falconstar
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hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*glances at the Goldenclan warriors curiously wondering what they wanted*

*snuggles her* hmm you are just so soft.

*pads after his mate and kit* Hey im hungry to!

Hunting patrol would be nice.
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"No food for dad. He lost the match." ~ Thunderkit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*laughs at her daughter's comment* Then get your own! *calls back to her mate, tail flicking in amusement* Bloodkit! *calls over to her* Come eat! -Hushpool

*rushes over to join them* -Bloodkit

So full of flattery today. *purrs lovingly* -Frecklenose

Let's see what we can do. -Treetail

*nods* Of course. -Burrbush

*nods gratefully to her, following along with the ground up to camp* -Sweetbriar

*hurries ahead as he sees Falconstar just entering* Falconstar, the GoldenClan medicine cat is here to consult with Merryberry and Yellowblaze. *motions with his head to the patrol right behind him* -Darkmist
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hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"GoldenClan?" *Turns around and his gaze sharpens* "I don't see a medince cat among you. Last I heard you three were warriors." ~ Falconstar

*Steps forward and dips his head* "Our medicine cat died in our first battle with Taevy's Group, along with many of our Clanmates. In our time plotting to take our Clan back, I believe StarClan called me to be GoldenClan's new medicine cat, but without a mentor there's only so much I can do." ~ Slightfeather

"We're his escorts," *adds* ~ Snowdust

*His claws dug into the dirt at the thought of willingly allowing GoldenClan cats in his camp, but he knew what the warrior code stated about medicine cat business.* "Alright. You'll find Yellowblaze and Merryberry in their den, and you two," *looks at Burrbush and Snowdust* "can go and sit by that waterfall. One wrong move and I'll drag you out of my camp by your throats." ~ Falconstar

*Shudders* "I can't believe you just went on a date with him!" ~ Berryfrost
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*pads over to them* Easy. *says lowly, but understandingly to Falconstar**dips his head to Slightfeather* I'll take you to our medicine cats. Come. *leads him to the den* -Scorchgaze

*dips his head, showing complete respect and understanding**pads over by the waterfall* Great StarClan, he's just about as scary as Creedstar. *says to Snowdust* -Burrbush

You have to understand where he's coming from. *says softly* Our history with GoldenClan isn't the best, especially his. -Sweetbriar
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*nods in agreement* Yea to think he has a soft side..*says quietly besides them*

*pads into camp last*

*huffs* Rude little kitten you are..*picks out a vole for himself and looks at Bloodkit* Do you want to share with your father?

Hey today is a good day!

*nods seeing the Goldenclan cats* Wonder what they are here for.
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
He does. *says with a slight defensive edge* -Sweetbriar

That it is, my love. -Frecklenose

Whatever it is I'm sure Falconstar isn't happy about it. -Treetail

*smiles and nods* Can I have first bite? -Bloodkit
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"Thank you," *dips his head and follows Scorchgaze* ~ Slightfeather

"You can say that again," *murmurs* "I heard Pantherstar is nice enough. We should have gone to PantherClan." ~ Snowdust

*Flicks his tail, his gaze drifting towards Sweetbriar. Turns around abruptly and climbs onto the Tall Boulder* "Let every cat old enough to catch their own prey join together for a Clan meeting!" ~ Falconstar

*Blinks and looks at Darkmist* "Wonder what this is about?" ~ Mistybreeze
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*nods his head* Yes you can have the first bite your little trouble maker. *looks up at Falconstar*

*nods* he isnt the biggest fan of them is he?

*wiggles his rear looking for the opportunity to pounce on his sister but stops hearing the clan leader*

*sits down besides the nursery glancing over at his kits*

*yawns in her ear* So it looks like your brother managed to get out of his nest.
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hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
That would have taken too much time. We would have had to travel almost three territories over. *peers over at the gathering* -Burrbush

My daughter is an extremely knowledgeable medicine cat. She'll share with you whatever knowledge she has. -Scorchgaze

With timing like this? I've got no idea. *Gathers with his clanmates* -Darkmist

*pads over, sitting with Berryfrost and Strongbreeze**even as she watches him now the kiss replays in her head* -Sweetbriar

I'm impressed. *rolls her eyes in amusement* -Frecklenose

Not at all. I wonder what's going on. -Treetail

*purrs and digs in, gazing over at the High Boulder* -Bloodkit
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hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*looks up at the High boulder and sits down*

*nods* You and me both but i heard Falconstar and i think it woould be our best to go see what he wants come on. *gets to his paws and pads out*
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*gets to her paws and pads out with him, seeing her siblings all there when she exits* Once the meeting is over we'll tell them. -Frecklenose
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
*nods slowly* Sounds like a plan.
hace más de un año KatieK102 said…
"Thank you, Scorchgaze." ~ Slightfeather

*Narrows her eyes* "What's he doing now?" ~ Snowdust

*Pokes her head outside the Nursery* ~ Mousekit

*Gathers* ~ My cats

"Cats of StormClan," *begins, voice strong* "Today is a very important day. Today, three kits become apprentices." ~ Falconstar

*Gasps* "That's us!" ~ Mousekit
hace más de un año TeamPeeta649 said…
*dips his head* No problem at all. Also, don't take Falconstar's anger too... personally. Our clans don't exactly have the best history. -Scorchgaze

I wonder who will receive an apprentice. *muses as he sits down beside Strongbreeze* -Wrenflight

*watches excitedly for Foxkit, but a little jealous that she still had to wait so long for her ceremony* -Bloodkit