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Pennypatch321 posted on Aug 03, 2010 at 07:17PM
Spruceleaf looks down at the kits in front of her, wanting to hear a story. "I'm going to tell you the story of when I first joined StormClan.

"It was a long time ago, I was only four moons old. I used to live in a peaceful meadow with my mom Pine, my dad, and my brother Brush. It was a stormy day, and that's when we heard the howling of wolves. My father ran off to chase out the wolves while my mother took me and Brush away.

"We traveled for hours, my father never finding us. Then we heard voices in the bushes just in front of us. They were StormClan cats on a patrol. Bloodpaw, Spottedshadow, and Stormstar were the three cats who were on the patrol I believe. But after we all talked, Stormstar let us all stay there. She named my mother Pinefrost, and me and Brush were given our kit names. Sprucekit and Brushkit.”

The kits stared up at her with wide eyes. “What happened to Pinefrost, Brushkit, and your father?” One of the kits mewed.

“Well,” Spruceleaf continued on with her story. “My father never returned, but after me and my brother were made apprentices, Brushpaw found some red berries and ate them. They were deathberries. When he died from them, my mother took it as a sign that we weren’t welcome here. She left, and I stayed. I stayed and grew up in StormClan. I stayed and had kits. I stayed to be a warrior. StormClan has been very dear to me, even when I-” Spruceleaf stopped before she told the kits her one and only secret. Who her mate was.

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hace más de un año Pennypatch321 said…
big smile
Keep in mind that this was from the past when Spruceleaf was an elder, and not dead. But here's Spruceleaf's story!
hace más de un año SoyalaLeisu said…
*bounces up to her mother* Who's my father?! ~Daisyflower~ PS: Daisyflower is still acting like a kit because the story is from the past.
hace más de un año Pennypatch321 said…
*purrs* All will be clear in due time, my kit.
(plus I forget the name of who I told Lichenkit in StarClan. xD)
hace más de un año tanglebelly said…
yea i want to kknow to!
hace más de un año Pennypatch321 said…
(I forget the name! I told Lichenpaw when she was in StarClan once, and now I forget the name of the cat! lol I might just change the name or something if I never remember it...)
hace más de un año HawkfireX said…