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posted by twilight0girl
I need some help on this,ive been working on this for months,and im stuck with where im at right now,so some help and opions would be nice.heres what i have so far...

The night before

As Alice was walking towards the door to go inicial and get herself prepaired,she suddenly stops,almost making me walk right into her.
"Bella,get as much sleep as possible.We dont want tu to fall asleep during your own wedding." very funny. "I will Alice" And before i could blink she was already in her car driving away.I closed the door and turned around to see charlie had fallen asleep on the sofá again.Since i...
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This is an articulo about how great it is an idea to continue stephanie meyers genius twilight series anyone who fancys escritura some vampire book go ahead ,give it a shot ,its a fun idea ,i am escritura one myself but i do not want to get into thast because people may copy me anyway its fun and it may get published so go ahead ,Stephanie meyers series is mainly based on romance and vampiros so if tu focus your book on that then tu will be on your way to success ,the key characters are edward
the cullens
the quiluette tribe
the volturi
if tu base it on these characters your...
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