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chapter 2: the tribes of tatooine
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Gator walked into a Republic officer's club. He looked upset.

Gator: *Sits at the bar*
Waiter: Your usual Captain?
Gator: Yes.
Michael: *Walks over to Gator* Hey, how did it go?
Gator: Our attack run?
Michael: Yeah, did tu kill lots of Tie Pilots?
Gator: I did, but we lost Honday.
Michael: What happened to him? Where is he?
Gator: In the middle of space, floating lifelessly around the galaxy.

Another Republic officer started playing a song on a piano: link

Michael: I don't understand. What happened to him?
Gator: He put his mask on, and his oxygen tank when his cockpit was shot open, but he wasn't able...
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Over at the bridge. Lieutenant Olara and his men were still fighting Imperials while disassembling their bridge, until they saw the sight of General Rancor.

Lieutenant Olara: What the hell is a General doing here?
Rebel Soldier: *Stops the Metra near the bridge*
General Rancor: *Gets out, and looks at Lieutenant Olara* tu are to put everything back to the way it was, so I can cruzar, cruz this river!
Lieutenant Olara: Out there? With all those Stormtroopers?
General Rancor: There's a group of Valiente soldiers, real patriots! Unlike you, they're not afraid of those hundreds of Imperials.
Lieutenant Olara:...
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