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I wanted to write this to express my dissent from the norm of estrella Wars fans with regard to the New Jedi Order series of books. Many fans (and por many, I mean 99% of what I've found) are very critical of the series, saying that the Yuuzhan Vong don't belong in estrella Wars, saying that the dark tone is wrong, and expressing outrage over the death of a beloved main character (I will not say the character's name, to avoid spoilers.)

I, however, feel that the dark tone of the novels was a nice change in the increasingly childish tone of the estrella Wars canon. Not to say that I dislike any of the childish...
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The following is a lista of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my reciente viewing of “Episode IV: A New Hope”. I hope that tu enjoy them:

Notes and Observations on "STAR WARS: Episode IV - A New Hope"

*According to the movie’s opening scrawl, Leia possessed the Death estrella plans that could “provide freedom to the galaxy”. Is that what happened at the end of the movie?

*Wow! R2-D2 really looks worn and old aboard the Organas’ ship, the Tantive IV. It is easy to imagine that he has been around for over three decades.

*Are the troops firing upon the stormtroopers, Alderaanian...
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Did tu know that Jedi had cell phones...

Okay, not really. But if they did (or if tu are an ultimate estrella Wars Fan), this is what their/your phone would feature:

-The lock screen would feature Princess Leia, with a blaster, of course
-The inicial screen would feature Luke Skywalker with a light saber
-The inicial screen could also be Han Solo. o better yet, Han Solo AND Luke Skywalker.
-Yoda and Darth Vader are also acceptable characters for the inicial and lock screens, as is the Millennium Falcon.
-The ringtone would be the main estrella wars theme.
-The ringtone for when your father calls would be the Darth...
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posted by Persephone713
So a few years went by. And Leia still remembered that odd moment between her and Lord Vader. Then something weird happened.

" What...what is this" Leia asked herself. She was referring to this odd feeling within her. It was almost...a FORCE. Something telling her that her she has not seen that last of Lord Vader....something else though.

" OH that's stupid...and impossible" she thought to herself.

Meanwhile on the dreadful Death estrella that has been newly built and highly protected against a possible rebellion. Darth Vader was thinking of that Princess he met.

"Captain Needa! I want tu and General...
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It's been quite a while since Ahsoka has seen Rex. They missed each other in the war. But now Ahsoka was going to come back from the war, although it never ended yet.

Ahsoka was on the Twilight ship with Anakin. They have gotten older, so they grew out of their old outfits and picked new ones. They landed on Coruscant and all the clones waited for their arrival.

Ahsoka: Oh my god. I can't belive that I'm going to Rex aga- *she stopped* Uhh, I mean the clones.

Anakin: Yeah, sure. por the way, tu look great.

Ahsoka: Thank you, Anakin.

Anakin was surprised. He's never heard her say his real name. Now...
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posted by BradRinehart
Old people are great. I amor them. tu amor them. We all amor them. But tu know who really, really loves old people? The estrella Wars movies.

That’s right. Across the seven estrella Wars cine that have been released so far, the audience is continually taught that with old age comes wisdom, perseverance, and power. The various elders of estrella Wars serve mainly to provide moral guidance to the young, often rash protagonists; at the same time, they often find themselves involved in the story, willing to go beyond just a voice of reason to an active player in the main conflict.

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan...
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posted by TVjunkie7598
Han's P.O.V

I was checking the engines on the Millenium halcón when Leia strode past me. She ignored me.
She had seemed tense recently. I wondered why she was being hostile towards me.Did I offend her? Did I upset her?
She walked out to the balcony, I followed her.
"Leia?" I called to her.
"Yes" she replied without turning to look at me.
"What's going on with tu lately? One día you're all over me, the siguiente tu don't want to know me?" I questioned her.
"It's just..." she trailed off "It's just! It feels like all we have in this relationship is sex!"
she yelled furiously.
"Hmmm?" I mumbled still confused....
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Our costumes have been used for fan fiction films, charity events, and social events. They are of the highest quality, and made to exceed your standards.
 Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode VII".
Harrison Ford returns as Han Solo in "Star Wars: Episode VII".
Lucasfilm, an owned subsidiary of The Walt disney Company, in association with Bad Robot Productions and Genre Films is in active development on the highly anticipated epic feature film "Star Wars: Episode VII". Although shooting will commence in the summer, studio level casting is now underway with Harrison Ford being the first actor officially on board. Filming will begin with battle scenes being shot in a quarry overlooking the sprawling Bluewater complex not far from London, UK. Filming will also take place in various locations in Los Angeles and other areas.

Starring in "Star Wars: Episode...
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posted by zeldafan48
Me and my friend have been talking about this fore ever and we wanted to have the fans decide so here it is:Luke has a son who grows up to be a jedi.Darth Vader is alive (but he is a new sith in Vader`s suit)and threatens to rule the galaxy with his new empire.In a fight to kill the new Vader Luke dies in front of his own son and later,wanting revenge,Luke`s son goes to a long journey to kill the sith.This also ends the entire movie series.Me and my friend made it and we want tu tell us if its good o not.
The following is a lista of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my reciente viewing of "Episode I: The Phantom Menace". I hope that tu enjoy them:

Notes and Observations on "STAR WARS": Episode I – The Phantom Menace"

*Both the Trade Federation and Darth Sidious seemed surprised that Supreme Chancellor Valorum had dispatched Jedi Knights to act as mediators between the Trade Federation and Naboo. Apparently, this discovery had led Sidious to order a premature invasion of Naboo.

*Why were the Trade Federation fearful of the Jedi, actuación as ambassadors?

*Why would Boss Nass and the...
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The following is a lista of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my reciente viewing of “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”. I hope that tu enjoy them:

*Exactly who was in command of the Rebel Alliance base on Hoth – Leia o General Rieekan?

*What was Leia doing on Hoth with the Rebel Alliance military personnel? Why wasn’t she with the other political Rebel leaders?

*Ah yes! The ”I just as soon kiss a Wookie!” dialogue between Leia and Han. Charming, although slightly . . . childish.

*How . ....
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posted by MisterPerfect1
This is a roleplay. tu get to create o become a estrella Wars character and we will write a story about it. Here, let me start it off.

Sebastian Johnson

Age: 13

Height: 5'4

Weight: 120 lbs.

Personality: Energetic/Serious; Persistent

Traits: African-American; Turquoise Eyes; Buzz-cut

Now it is tu all's turn.

Once we have enough characters, we will start.

Four to five characters are enough, but we can still add más to the story if anyone wants to join.



And remember to be as creative as possible.

Grammar does count.

No one will deny that the Prequel trilogies have flaws o will call them better than the original trilogy. But at this point - and it seems like from the beginning people unjustly bashed them just to seem " cool" and get attention. After eight years, it is now nothing más than a childish fad to bash and bash the prequels. They are good cine that told the story of how Luke and Leia Skywalker came to be the unique and very important separated twins that they are in the original trilogy. Not to mention how their father came to be the monster he was until he redeemed himself for his kids. I...
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posted by Persephone713
So Han and Leia made amor on the halcón together. She felt seguro in his arms. besar they caressed each-others bodies. Then laid there in each-others arms peacefully.

" That was beautiful, if I do say so myself" whispered Han while holding Leia.

" Yeah...but what did it mean" asked Leia

" What the hell kind of pregunta is that, what do tu mean what did it mean?" Han dicho sharply moving away then getting up.

" I ONLY MEANT..did we have sex out of love, o just a mutual fling?"

" Look your worship, tu clearly have something else on your mind. So why don't we forget this ever happened....I for one...
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Let the flight be with you…AND one friend, at the Quick Chek NJ Festival of Ballooning held at Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ, July 24-26, 2009. At 1:00pm on Sunday, July 26 siguiente to the balloon launch field at the Festival there will be a estrella Wars costume contest! Wear your favorito! and best estrella Wars costume and prepare yourself for our judges. The winner and their friend of choice will receive a FREE ride in the Darth Vader hot air balloon during the 6:30pm Sunday night final balloon ascension of the weekend. This balloon is not available for orders to the general public, therefore making this a once in a lifetime opportunity! For más information call 1-800-HOT-AIR9 o visit our website at
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Logan woke up, only to find himself sitting siguiente to the speeder bike.

Logan: *Looks at the wood pile he was leaning on* What the?
Meghan: tu passed out. I thought I'd take tu over to your speeder bike.
Logan: How much time passed since tu took out the bullet?
Meghan: An hour.
Logan: An hour?! The convoy probably already passed under the bridge. We need to go now!
Meghan: Are tu still feeling drunk?
Logan: Yeah, tu need to drive. I'll hold onto tu until we reach the bridge.
Meghan: *Starts the speeder bike*
Logan: *Holding onto Meghan*
Meghan: *Moves forward*

They reached the bridge that went over...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song (Start at 0:05): link

On their way to Soudera, Logan and Meghan stopped at the town of Beebee. Soldier's from Naboo's army were all over the town.

Logan: *Stops behind a rock*

Stop the song

Logan: I'll stay out of sight here while tu go save the prisoners, and get más info about that convoy.
Meghan: Okay.
Logan: Remember, if tu need my help, transmit two green lights on your wrist communicator.
Meghan: I got it. *Walks down the mountain*
Logan: *Sits down, and smokes a cigarette*
Meghan: *Reaches a Geonosian wearing a collar with a triángulo, triángulo de made out of carbonite* I'm here.
Geonosian: Where...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The fuego was inside the castle, in one of the abandoned rooms. Logan and Meghan sat down, enjoying the warmth, and light it was providing. They were also enjoying hot dogs.

Logan: Where are tu heading?
Meghan: I have to meet a Geonosian in Beebee.
Logan: Beebee? That's not far from where I'm heading. I need to get to Soudera within.. *Checks his watch* 45 hours.
Meghan: Really? What for?
Logan: For a job. I'm a bounty hunter.
Meghan: I guess that explains why tu estola some things like tu told me earlier.
Logan: I'm just making my way through life, like everybody else in this galaxy.
Meghan: How...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Logan and Meghan were sitting down siguiente to each other, still eating some of the comida stolen from the men that tried to rob Meghan.

Meghan: por the way, I never got your name.
Logan: Name's Logan. Yours?
Meghan: Meghan.
Logan: Nice name.
Meghan: Thanks. Nice meal.
Logan: Helps when tu steal it from dead people. A lot of things I have are stolen.
Meghan: Excuse me brother Logan. *Picks up her water bottle, and goes towards one of the dead men*
Logan: *Watching Meghan*
Meghan: *Opens the bottle, and pours some of the water onto the man's forehead*
Logan: Whoa. *Runs towards Meghan, and snatches the water...
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