Sparrabeth Reasons to amor Sparrabeth

IloveJE posted on Jun 04, 2008 at 02:06AM
Just a fun litte post.
Add in comments!

1. Because he saved her from drowning
2. Because they are peas in a pod
3. Because they are both curious
4. Because Jack's compass works fine
5. Because of all the ways to leave him on the ship, she had to kiss him.
6. Because Will is a silly pansy
7. Because they would have gorgeous kids
8. Because he knows she's a pirate
9. Because she looked at him right after the battle
10. Because once is enough.

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hace más de un año Juliana_House said…
11. Because they are cute together
12. Who wouldn't fall for Jack? Seriously...
13. Elizabeth didn't need to go and kiss him again just after she shackled him to the ship (DMC)
14. Again, she went for a second kiss attempt in AWE
15: they have got to be the cutest movie couple ever
hace más de un año kylaJE said…
16. Because the kid looks like jack
17. Because he sings the song she taught him
18. because their like casablanca
hace más de un año Cittycat19 said…
19. Because he vote for her to be the pirate king
hace más de un año Hameronhearts said…
20. Because Will can only stay one day
21. Because they have ten years
22. Because she always read about pirates and adventures
hace más de un año EverybodyLies said…
23. Because they would have some seriously gorgeous babies.
hace más de un año whitelion said…
24. because it's like forbidden love
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hace más de un año DarkGirl66 said…
25. Because she thinks that he is smart
26. Because they have a lot of Eye!Sex
hace más de un año noplacelikemlbn said…
27. Because of the chemistry.
hace más de un año vitoria said…
28.Because she loves freedom,just like him
hace más de un año warcraftjunckie said…
29. Because Will dosn't DISERVE Elizabeth
30. he's a pansy
31. anyone can tell that Elizabeth's TOTALLY INLOVE with Jack
32. he saved Elizabeth's life a THOUSAND times
33. They are PERFECT for each other
34. Has anyone NOT see the Sparrabeth kiss!!? Elizabeth TOTALLY injoyed it!
hace más de un año Wow_Nightelf said…
35. Will's a pansy
36. No woman ANYWHERE would wait ten years for a guy(unless that guy was Jack) ;)
37. They are perfect together!
hace más de un año Silver-weed said…
38. Because it sucks waiting 10 years for a pansy.
40. Jack still has his heart inside him?... Unlike Will.
42. Because the universe wants it!
43. They got drunk together... On an island... Just the two of them ( She never did that with Will!)
44. They're the epicest couple ever!