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i'm falling down into my shadow iki o hisomete
matte iri deadly night
don't scary kimi ga nozomeba
donna seksi mo
sono me ni utsuseru kara
see tu in your dreams yah baby
kawai yume datoshitemo
fairy blue kimi no tameni hoshiokudaki
black paper moon
shinjite kureta nara
when your'e lost here i am forever with your soul
miagereba kagayaku tsuki no tu ni

those are the lyrics to the soul eater 2 theme song! is tu would like me to write the lyrics to any other song all tu have to do is give me apoyar on something then i will happily write the lyrics to any song tu would like as long as it isn't 30 minutos long o anything like that!
DWMA. Victoria's last resort. I can't say she was happy to go there, but it was better than where she had been. Her history with her mother was... better left in the shadows, and she barely knew her dad. At least in Death city, she'd be understood. Victoria was commonly asked "Who are you?" The pregunta they should have asked is "WHAT are you?" She was a weapon. Victoria could transform into a mace. And at the DWMA, she could train as a good weapon, and not be thought of as a freak like in her old town. With her was her meister, Danny, her brother Doom, (great name, I know) also a meister,...
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