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hello I'm rouge the bat and walcome to ask the sonic heros now here my co-host and my handsome soon to be husbend knuckles.
rouge:and here are three who will answer what tu people ask:balze,bolt and mittens.
rouge:now as we all saw not only are me and knuckles engaged but so are bolt and mittens and silver and blaze so let's get to the wedding qustions.blaze pick a number between 1 and 50.
blaze:22 plz.
rouge ok from sonicfan74 to blaze who will be the fallowing:bestman,ringboy,flowergirl and who will be the priest?
blaze:ok I'll put sonic as...
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posted by soniczone1
I got some news for all fanpop users Sonic was racing against sega stars again. But, it just not racing. IT'S RACING TRANSFORMED just like on the commercial on TV and on the nintendo Channel on the nintendo Wii and it was fun if tu like it rate your título on nintendo eShop. See my perfil page and send me a message and i'll reply to tu and i'll be your fan.
I like when tu have everything like sonic and everybody else. Check out my fotos on my profile. Sonic always there for you
So, enjoy your día fans and I amor tu all.
- soniczone1
P.S Go and comentario anytime if tu like
 sonic the hedgehog sart
sonic the hedgehog sart
posted by alphawhitewolf
don't worry its ok tu will find another one someday
even though she left she is still in your corazón always
tu will see the sun rise all día and everyday
but sometimes tu will see darkness
tu will have somebody she hasn't left tu yet
she still is in your corazón she hasn't left tu
Myia your amor she will always see
tu have been a good friend too her indeed
Its not the end of the world unless your friendship is destroyed.
tu can dodge this but tu can't avoid it
when tu amor it tu let it go
but she's always in your heart
she might left but it doesn't mean its the end
Don't worry your wounds will heal
as the waves of the ocean pound
so will your corazón
and that's the end of my poem.
posted by KnucklesKnuckie
"hello t-t-there wanna play a game called CanDy AppLe?,i swear it well be fun *laughs softly*
you finally wake up panting and looking around the room and sigh
you realize it's only a dream but tu heard that little girl say CanDy AppLe? it makes tu obturador but tu get out of cama and realize that no one was here and your not at inicial scared tu decide to look around on the mesa, tabla tu find a flashlight, when tu turn it on the little girl from tu dream stood there then disappeared tu back up looking where the little girl was standing tu say to yourself tu just passed out during the sleepover...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails is still flying above to seen anything. He lands to rest.-
Sonic: See anything?
Tails: Nothing. I'll check again once I catch my breath.
-Tails flew back up and noticed something shiny in someone's hands. They were flying too. They had bat wings. Tails knew who this was. He flew down to Sonic.-
Tails: Rouge has the Chaos Emerald! She must've Stolen it at the shrine! We have to catch her!
Knuckles: Your right! And once I get my hands on that jewel thief, She'll be sorry!
-Tails flew up to Rouge to try get the Chaos Emerald.-
Tails: Rouge! We need that emerald!
Rouge: No way! I've come this far...
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posted by silvershady
Sonic: Ha ha! Tomorrow’s gonna be a whole new year… 2011! Woo! I’d better throw a party!

Shadow: Don’t even think about it.. I want to spend my New Years Eve alone. (crosses arms)

Sonic: Jeez buddy… put on a smile for once will you? You’re still not spending New Year’s eve alone cuz I’m here.

Shadow: I’m planning on throwing tu out into the snow and locking tu out of the house.

Sonic: (no comment)

Shadow: Thought so. (lays down on the sofá with an AK47)

Sonic: Where do tu keep getting all these guns?

Shadow: *sarcastically* I pull them out of my ass.

Sonic: Oh.

Shadow: (hugs...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-They get to the Temple in the middle of a jungle, but the sun was starting to set.-
Tails: we should rest here, Before we go into this big temple.
Sonic: Good idea. We'll need all the rest we can get. We need to be prepared for what might come from the temple.
-Knuckles gathered some fuego would and Sonic and Tails found some giant leaves to use as beds. They fell asleep soon and woke up early siguiente morning.-
Sonic: Let's get to it.
Tails: Yeah
-Knuckles yawns and then they walked inside. They walked for a bit and then came to a big hallway.-
Knuckles: This might be a trap. We need to check.
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"amy im not your boyfriend I told tu that so many times why wont tu just give up on me " sonic yelled
"please don't argue , listen amy sonic wants to be friends with tu but he dosent want to fecha tu carnt tu except that" blaze dicho in a soft tone
" don't tu dare talk to me like that" amy screamed and she bashed blaze in the head with her hammer
"BLAZE" sonic dicho rushing towards blaze who had now had a bleeding head
"amy how could tu do that, she did nothing to you, tu know what just go I don't want to know you," sonic yelled
"fine but...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Nat and Nikki were at the counter of The Speed Demon, talking.-
Nat: It was a fun weekend, My favorito! ride was the log ride. With all the water splashing you, it was fun!
Nikki: tu were lucky your mom one those tickets. I'm glad tu invited me. Wasn't there four tickets though? Why didn't tu invite Oliver?
Nat: He dicho there was a family emergency and he couldn't come over. I hope he is ok.
-there was a ding and Oliver ran in. He looked panic stricken.-
Nat: Oliver, what's wrong?!
Oliver: It's my brother, Chrome. He got sick. My mom dicho it's just the flu, but I'm really worried about him. I...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Two days later. Tails and Sonic arrive early so they can get ahold of Cubot.-
Tails: We all know the plan right?
Crystal: I put Sonic in the bag and give the bag to Cubot.
Sonic: Then I use the tiny headset tu gave me to listen on how to open the door.
Tails: Ok, and then after that, we bust Eggman, make Sonic bigger, and save the world once again.
-There was a ding at the door. Cubot walked in. Tails ran to a booth and pretended not to notice.-
Cubot: Hi Crystal. My usual please.
Crystal: One bag of our finest coffee, coming right up. You're one of our best customers Cubot.
Cubot: And tu also...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails located Cubot walking along a dirt road outside of town. He then went off road to a secret spring. He walked in the water and a tunnel opened up. He walked inside and Tails lost signal on his watch.-
Tails: They must have a signal blocker in there.
Sonic: We have to get in there.
Tails: There must be something to do, like a button o a password. Let's look around.
-Tails flew down and walked into the water. Although it was no higher than Tails' foot, Sonic was still scared, being small and all. Tails walked carefully around. Nothing happened.-
Sonic: Maybe he dicho something before he came...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Nat was behind the counter of The Speed Demon, cleaning. There was a ding and someone walked in.-
Nat: Welcome to The Speed Demon, How may I help you?
Cubot: Do tu have anymore coffee? I might need some tomorrow, Eggman is working us really hard.
Nat: Let me go ask my mom.
-Nat runs into the kitchen. Her mom was getting a batch of galletas out of the oven.-
Nat: hola mom do we have any coffee yet?
Crystal: Yeah, the delivery man came early today. Here is a bag. Is it Cubot?
Nat: Yeah, I think so. He's talking about Eggman, so I'll put the tracking device on it.
-Nat applies the tracking device on...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Sonic looked around for something to make his voice louder. He found a leaf and rolled it up into a funnel.-
Sonic: This should work. Now if I get somewhere high...
-He noticed a small árbol with a thick branch at the top. Sonic ran up the side and stood on the branch.-
Sonic: Now to wait for one of them to come back.
-Sonic waited and waited, but still no sign of Tails o Knuckles. Then he felt a trimmer, like a earthquake. Tails and Knuckles both came back.-
Tails: Did tu find him?
Knuckles: No. Did you?
Tails: If I found him do tu think I would be asking you?
Knuckles: I was just asking sheesh....
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-The three heroes get back to the beach, where they can see the sun go over the horizon. and see Eggman's base.-
Sonic: Let's stop Eggman.
Tails: We're coming with you. We're not letting tu go alone, not what happened last time.
Sonic: Then go start up the X Tornado.
Knuckles: tu think we should rest? We'll need all the energy we can get.
Sonic: I'm not tired and the Chaos Emeralds give me energy. If tu want to stay tu can.
Knuckles: I'm going to help my best friend.
Tails: Come one Knuckles. Hop on!
-Sonic takes out the Chaos Emeralds. There was a flash of light and Sonic turns into Super Sonic.-...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails ran to ángel Island to see if anyting was happening there.-
Sonic: tu see anything?
Tails: No... Nothing here...
Sonic: Are tu ok?
Tails: Just a little...tired from tunning all the...way do tu not get tired?
Sonic: I get tired, I just don't mostrar it.
Tails: We should find Knuckles. Maybe he's seen something helpful.
Sonic: Hopefully he heard tu when tu told everyone to keep their eyes open before they left their house earlier.
Tails: Maybe. I think I see him. Knuckles!
-Tails walked through the bushes. A small branch swept across his head and hit Sonic, knocking him off.-
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Tails got to the restaurant. He walked in and saw Crystal at the counter.-
Crystal: Hi Tails, is Sonic big again?
Sonic: unfortunately no...
Crystal: Oh...Well the good news about the being small is the comida gets bigger. Why don't don't I get tu a chili dog?
Sonic: That would be great!
Tails: Crystal, I came to ask where Natalie is at?
Crystal: Oh I had her do some errands in town. Why?
Tails: We have a chance to figure out where Eggman might be. Nat dicho there was a small, yellow, square robot came in here asking for coffee this morning.
Crystal: tu mean Cubot? He's one of are best custmers. He...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Everyone is on blankets eating lunch.-
Nikki: that was good! Let's get back to swimming!
Oliver: Yeah!
-The kids run back to the water, when Crystal called to them.-
Crystal: Hold on tu four, tu have to wait an hora before swimming again. You'll get stomach aches.
Nat: Awwww...ok.
Cream: Why don't we make sand castillo instead?
Nikki: That sounds like fun!
-The kids run a little distance and start playing in the sand. Meanwhile, Sonic is kicking back and relaxing.-
Crystal: tu want another chili dog Sonic? We still have plenty extra.
Sonic: No, I'm good. I think I'll just kick back and relax.
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-Everyone is on the beach, having a fun time. Nat, Nikki, Amy, Oliver and Cream and Cheese were playing in the water. Knuckles and Tails were playing volley bal and Crystal, Vanilla, and Sonic were watching them all under playa umbrellas. Some música was paying too. Tails ran over to Sonic.-
Tails: Sonic! Why don't tu play volly ball with us?
Sonic: It'll only be You, me, and Knuckles. It wouldn't be fair.
-Amy came out of the water.-
Amy: I'll play with tu guys.
Tails: There, now it's even. Let's play!
-They run to their volley ball court.-
Knuckles: I'm serving!
-Knuckles hits the ball and the...
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posted by Dragonfruit44
-There's a ding like a campana and Nat comes running in from behind the restaurants counter.-
Nat: Mom! Mom! Nikki and Oliver are here!
Crystal: Are tu sure? Last time it was a costumer.
Nat: This time I know it's them.
-Nat ran to the door and saw Nikki and Oliver standing with their parents.-
Nat: Nikki! Oliver!
Nikki and Oliver: Nat!
-They ran and gave each other hugs.-
Nat: I'm so happy you're here for are play date!
Oliver: I brought some toys to play with. I'll mostrar tu at the table.
Nat: My mom dicho we can't play at the tables anymore. We're getting to much costumers and she dicho she needs all...
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posted by awesomesonic
And every night, I lay awake
I find a confliction.
And every night, it just stays the same
In my dream, of absolution

In the night light
Do tu see what tu dream
All your troubles
Are they all what they seem
Look around you
Then tu may realize
All the preachers
All with their lies

And I might know of our future
But then tu still control the past
Only tu know if you'll be together
Only tu know if we shall last

In the night light
Do tu still feel your pain
For the valor
tu wait; it never came
If tu were able
Would tu go change the past
To mend a faux pas
With one last chance

And I might...
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