Sonic the Hedgehog RPs Rules, MUST READ!

Zenzes posted on Sep 23, 2010 at 01:34PM
Even though I don't like to make too many rules I still have some conditions;

1. Be nice to each other, no flaming. Talk/write with them NICELY.
2. Don't steal. (other's characters, pictures etc)
3. Forums are being used for the RPs.
While you post your fancharacter's (only the ones you plan to roleplay with) in the articles. Ofcourse you still can post other things in the 'Article' section)
I don't care 'bout the other functions.
4. Recolors are allowed, AS LONG as you give credit and if you recolor non-original Sonic Art have the Artist's permission. (Bcus even if you give credit I'm not sure if the artist still would like if you draw over their picture)
5. While roleplaying, DON'T FORGET/IGNORE the other people who want to join.
6. Post additional rules if you open a new Roleplay-forum. Like: 'No killing/dying etc' (optional, but if you don't add some prepare for things to happen that you didn't want in there)
7. HAVE FUN!! :D

If you don't accept these rules, you don't even need to join this club. I just wrote down the rules of which I REALLY want people to follow.
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hace más de un año MephilesTheDark said…
I don't agree with No. 7!!!
hace más de un año Zenzes said…
Oh god, what do we do now? D:

lol XD